A completely suitable Bumrah will be the key for India in keeping the Down Under test series, says Border | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: Former captain of Australia Allan Border believes a full match Jasprit Bumrah will be key to India’s prospects of keeping the test series with four Down Under matches.
Calling himself a big fan of India’s top spearhead, Border said Bumrah has the potential to differentiate between the two sides in the long-awaited tire, starting in Adelaide on Thursday.
“Well, I’m a big fan of Bumrah. If he stays in shape. We’re talking about a guy who can win games for everyone. I’m worried about him because on our pitches you have a little jumping and sideways movement.” said Border.
“For India to win, I am worried about Bumrah. If he throws like he did last time, gets important counters, ruffles a few feathers with the ball, I think it could be the real difference,” he added before the series was broadcast. live from Sony Networks.
Bumrah represented 21 counters in four matches in 2018-19, playing a key role in India’s first victory in the Australian test series.
“You always think your batting team will get enough races, you need the 20 gates to win the test. If he stays in shape, he will be the one to be the key,” the former Australian captain added.
“He (Bumrah) is a burglar. Just like playing the cricket, he always has a smile on his face. Lethal when he sets his pace in motion.”
From Australia’s point of view, Border chose young people of all levels Green Cameroon as a player you have to be careful about in the series.
“For Australia, Cameroon Green is a very good cricketer. He is someone to watch. He is a tall lad and his batting is very good, he gives the ball well and he has excellent technique,” he said.
Border also said that the Indians will feel the absence Virat Kohli once he returns home after the Opening Test to witness the birth of his first child.
“I agree, there will be a huge gap in that line – just his (Kohli’s) presence around that team and off the pitch. I think the Australians will really be happy not to have to play with him for three of the Test matches.
“So he will want to hit the ground running in Adelaide and try to put India first and see what happens from there,” he said.
“It’s hard to replace anyone like him. So we have to wait and see the impact it has, but Australians will definitely be favorites for the games they don’t play in. It’s safe.”
The great Indian Sunil Gavaskar agreed with Border, saying that Kohli’s return will act as a huge advantage for Australia.
“I think it’s a huge boost for Australians, a man who has six hundred in 12 tests in Australia. It’s a huge boost for Australians not to play at Kohli in the last three tests,” he said.
“… (But) someone or another of the Indian ranks rises to compensate for his absence.
“… And therefore, as I said, while it will be a huge boost for Australians, it will be a great incentive for Indians to pick up their game, for everyone to offer this extra to make up for the absence. “, added Gavaskar.