Aam Aadmi’s new hope in Goa is Hanzel Fernandes, a 26-year-old politician

Hanzel Fernandes’ phone kept ringing since the victory


  • Hanzel Fernandes is a carpenter by profession like his father
  • He works from his carpentry workshop in Benaulim, where he won the ballot boxes
  • He was inspired by activists fighting for the disappearance of Goa’s vegetation


The plans of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for Goa have just received help from a calm 26-year-old man with no political ties. Hanzel Fernandes won the AAP elections in the coastal state for the first time, which is the key to the party’s national dreams. Although it is about local elections, the head of the AAP, Arvind Kejriwal, said that it is “just the beginning”.

After the complete elimination of the 2017 debut elections, AAP intends to contest the next state ballot box in 2022.

Hanzel Fernandes’s phone has not stopped ringing since the victory. “This is a change that was needed and it is good that people have decided to make a change. We have not made false promises. Our promises will be fulfilled. Just give us time and we will do it,” he told reporters after this. -noon. .

“This is just the cornerstone where we have won only one place. But now we will grow. And we will win all the places and with that we will do a lot of good work, not by destroying our beautiful state. But ensuring the most good development benefit in Goa, “he said.

The son of a carpenter, Fernandes followed in his father’s footsteps and joined his profession. But her mother, an environmental activist, is more invested in her political career.

“It was a hard fight. It was a fight between the big parties that already have a name and this is just a budding party coming to the state. A young man with no political background has won the trust of voters and is a huge success. proud as a mother. I’m glad they voted for him without being offered money or bribes, “Geraldine Fernandes told NDTV.

Ms Fernandes says her son will focus on ensuring a clean government for Goa through the GPA. “We can have a clean government and we can protect all that is left, especially our environment, the bodies of water, the fields, which are so important to every Goan.”

Goa has recently seen protests against coal mining and other infrastructure projects that environmentalists say are damaging the state without repair.

Hanzel Fernandes works from his carpentry workshop in Benaulim, where he won the district’s body polls. He never planned to join politics.

He was inspired by environmental activists fighting for the disappearance of Goa’s vegetation. When AAP started the campaign in the state, it gave its support. When the party needed a capable OBC candidate, he became the natural choice despite his political inexperience. Everything changed when some AAP leaders one day entered his workshop, met him and his mother and offered to nominate him.

BJP, the governor of Goa, won big elections in Zila Panchayat or district bodies, winning 32 of 49 seats, while the opposition Congress won only four. Hanzel Fernandes won AAP his only place in Benaulim, south Goa.

Given that the Congress is taking place in the state, AAP feels an opportunity and has more than a year to prepare.

His leaders in Delhi say that the young Fernandes energized the party’s rank and gave them hope to repeat their success in Delhi.

AAP announced today that it will contest elections in Uttar Pradesh. While the UP, India’s most important political state, has huge stakes, Goa seems to be a more realistic target for the party.

Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s chief minister, said: “The people of Delhi have once given the GPA a chance and today they love the party so much that they have forgotten all the other parties.

Hanzel Fernandes says: “People voted for me because they saw a young man entering the political arena and offering an alternative policy beyond what the state has seen so far since the BJP and Congress.”