Amazon Mazen-owned Zuks unveils driverless autonomous electric robotaxi

There are innovations in the field of electric mobility around the world. Now the online shopping site company Amazon Mazon’s start-up company Zux has introduced a new type of electric vehicle. It is a driverless electric vehicle, which does not require any driver to drive. It doesn’t even have a steering wheel, which means it’s a completely driverless vehicle.

According to the information, once the vehicle is fully charged, it is capable of running for a full 16 hours. A total of 4 people have been arranged in this electric robot taxi. In addition it has two battery packs, which the company has installed under both the front and rear seats. The company plans to launch app-based ride healing services in cities such as San Francisco and Las Vegas.

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Let me tell you, Zux is a company that has been working on automated electric vehicles for a long time. The company will launch ride healing services in other countries. Zux manufactures this vehicle at its factory in California, with a production capacity of 10,000 to 15,000 units per year.

The company supplies most of the components used in this vehicle such as driving units, body and battery packs from different suppliers and combines these components. However, company officials did not say from which supplier they take the battery pack. The company says the electric vehicle has passed all crash tests required by U.S. regulations.