Amira Dastur opens up about her corona fight She says I was completely down and I couldn’t move

Due to the rising number of corona infections in the country, people are being advised to wear masks at home. So far, many Bollywood stars have been hit by Corona. After the transition, the actors said that someone has lost the power to smell, while someone said that they do not understand any test. Now in an interview, actress Amaira Dastur shared her experiences after the corona transition.

Shared experience
After the lockdown last year, Amyra had started working on one of their projects when his Covid 1 test came up. He then separated himself. Speaking to the Times of India, Amaya said, “I got a slight fever and my covid got 1 test positive.” I immediately isolated myself at home. I used to live alone. The first three days I was in poor health. I couldn’t move and it was scary. I was in excruciating pain in my body and joints. After three days I felt better. After 14 days of isolation, my exam turned negative and I resumed shooting.

How you spent your time in quartin
Amaira mentions that in those 14 days he insisted on clearing and reading the script. His mother sent him a meal in the driver’s hand.
Amayra’s father is a former surgeon and he remained at the forefront even during the Corona period. He is currently the Medical Director of a hospital in Mumbai. Last year, Amira herself was seen helping people with her father. He said he was proud of his father being a warrior at the forefront.

Film career
Amayra started her career in South Indian cinema. She has acted in films like ‘Isaac’ and ‘Mr X’ in Bollywood. Some time ago, she appeared in the webseries ‘Tandav’. Soon Amaira will be seen in the music video ‘Wah Ji Wah’.