“Among my top three favorite cricketers on the planet”: Shane Warne would love to have “Hardik Pandya in India’s test team – cricket

Legendary Australian player Shane Warne is a big fan of India’s Hardik Pandya and, ahead of the upcoming India-Australia day-night test, Warne said he would have wanted Pandya to be part of the India Test team. The specialist is still recovering from the back operation he had to perform last year and is not yet ready to return to bowling.

For this reason, Pandya was not included in the test team against Australia. But his performance with the bat in ODI and T20I delighted cricket fans around the world. Calling Pandya one of his first three favorite cricketers, Warne said he hoped Pandya would return to the Tests when he resumed bowling.

“I would like to have Hardik Pandya on the Test side. I said it weeks ago, he’s one of my top three favorite cricketers on the planet, I love him. Everyone said, “God, that’s a big call,” and I said, “No, it’s great,” Warne told Sports Tak.

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“And suddenly, he does what he did in ODI and T20Is and now everyone jumps on the cart -” How good is Hardik Pandya! “I just like to see him on the Test side,” he added.

“I think he’s in such great shape. With the loss of Virat Kohli, Pandya brings so much with what he could do with the bat and how he can bowl, I think it helps the Indian team to go a little higher.

Pandya returned as the Series Man in the T20I, which India won 2-1 and even in the ODI was India’s top scorer with two scores of 90 or higher.

“He’s a bit of a rock star, he has a band, he has an ostrich, he’s a gentleman. cool. When he speaks, you think he’s from the West Indies. He’s just coming off the beach in Antigua, “Warne said with a laugh.

“I would like to see him in the Test team at no. 7. We hope that when he manages to play, he will return to the testing team “, he signed.