Apple AirPods Max users complain about condensation issues in headphones

Some Apple AirPods Max users have reported problems with condensation in the earbuds. According to reports, drops of water form under the feet of removable ears.

These recently released Headphones worth 59,900 seem to be susceptible to this condensation problem due to the liberal use of metal in design. Compared to the Apple AirPods Max, other headphones use more plastic than metal.

Users went to social networks to complain about this problem, and one of the users even provided images to show the problem, and others responded to it, stating that they faced similar problems.

Twitter user Donald Filimon shared images on Twitter and Reddit showing drops of water in the earphones of a space-gray AirPods Max, which has its ear pads removed. There are very visible drops of water inside, next to the drivers.

Filimon reported that he used the headphones in non-humid environments, mainly indoors, and mentioned that water droplets cause ear detection problems in headphones.

Both Twitter and Reddit threads have responded from users reporting similar issues, indicating that what Filimon was facing was not an isolated incident.

This condensation problem is certainly a problem, but all the more so as the headphones cost a lot 60k. With a price like this, the Apple AirPods Max is one of the most expensive mainstream headphones available today and a problem like this is really worrying.

According to Cult of Mac, this condensation problem is probably caused by perspiration in the user’s ears. While sweat condensation inside the headphones is not an unusual problem, as the over-the-ear headphones should have the perfect accessories. The problem here is that AirPods Max is not able to cope with these amounts of perspiration or moisture.

Basically speaking, because the ears are removable, regular cleaning of these drops of water using a soft cloth should be fine. However, if they get into drivers, they can cause significant damage.