Apple: Apple targeted for $ 50 million ransomware attack: Report – Latest News

While Apple was busy with its launches and announcements during the Spring Loaded event, Quanta Computer Inc., one of its suppliers in Taiwan, fell victim to a massive cyber attack in which hackers claim to have stolen the plans of various Apple gadgets. according to a Bloomberg report.

The group of hackers is called REvil and is also known by another name: Sodinokibi. According to the report, they said about the ransomware attack on a blog on its Dark Web site. Cybercriminals had waited to reveal the hack until Apple unveiled its new products during the event. Quanta acknowledged the ransomware attack, the report says, but did not disclose how much data was stolen.

By the time Apple finished the event, the group of hackers “posted diagrams for a new laptop, including 15 images detailing the courage of what appears to be a Macbook designed as of March 2021,” the report said.

REvil claims to have stolen and encrypted “all local network data” and demanded $ 50 million for the decryption key it says would unlock Quanta systems. The hackers’ request for a ransom to recover the stolen data would have been rejected by Quanta, so now they are trying to keep Apple as a ransom. On their blog, they allegedly asked the technology giant to pay their $ 50 million ransom by May 1st. Until then, they will continue to post “new files” every day.