Apple is removing 39,000 games from the China App Store as the license deadline expires

Recently, Apple has increased the price of applications, games on the App Store in India, Indonesia. Now, turn your attention to China. Despite Apple setting deadlines and extending them, publishers did not submit a license on time. This has led to the removal of thousands of apps, including games, from its app store in China.

According to a Reuters report, Apple has removed 39,000 games from the China App Store. This move comes with the completion today of the company’s already extended deadline for obtaining a license. For the unknown, Apple has issued directors to publishers to send a license number from the Chinese government.

It seems that this allows users to make in-app purchases from the App Store. The deadline, which was originally at the end of June, has been extended until December 31, which is today. However, in addition to games, Apple has also eliminated other applications, reaching a total of over 46,000.

In addition, some of the biggest ones like Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Identity and NBA 2K20 also seem to have been affected in this sweep. In fact, only 74 of the 1,500 highest-grossing games made the cut, according to Qimai. While the move could be on good terms with Chinese regulators hunting unlicensed content, experts also believe it would return coins to Apple.

Earlier, the company was widely criticized for allowing a crowdsourced police app into its app store amid protests in Hong Kong in 2019. Several dramas took place in the early days of the US – and the WeChat controversy forbids it. However, analysts say that such strict measures would make overseas developers look for alternative platforms accepted by ads, which will not be good news for the Cupertino giant.