As the number of coronavirus patients increases, so does the supply of oxygen to the hospital in Delhi and the patient’s gas is slowly increasing.

Due to the increase in coronavirus cases in India, many states have so far raised the issue of oxygen deficiency with the central government. Taking immediate decision, the Center has also issued orders to provide oxygen for the medical needs of all industries. Despite this, the condition of hospitals in the capital Delhi has not improved. About 1100 patients are at risk due to lack of oxygen.

Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Delhi, is facing a severe shortage of oxygen. Alam says the oxygen supply near the hospital is a few hours left. The Delhi government says Rajiv Gandhi Hospital has a few hours of oxygen left. The hospital consumes 6 to tons of oxygen per day and currently has over 100 patients admitted.

Explain that the central government has already increased Delhi’s oxygen quota. Despite this, some other hospitals are also complaining of lack of oxygen. Among them is Mata Nachan Devi Hospital, where 200 patients from Corona are admitted and most of them need oxygen. But the hospital does not have a reserve of oxygen reserves.

Mata Chanan Devi Hospital is constantly requesting suppliers and officials to send oxygen supply, but there was an oxygen crisis till Thursday morning. Apart from these two hospitals, the condition of Saroj Hospital in Rohini area is also critical. There are only a few hours of oxygen left. This hospital needs 2700 cubic meters of oxygen per day. At present, 1,130 patients of Kovid are admitted here.

It is pertinent to note that the central government has recently increased the supply of oxygen to Delhi from 8378 metric tonnes per day to 808080 metric tonnes. Despite this, the supply will take several days to reach Delhi, creating a crisis to save the patients.

Somewhere Black Marketing, Where Cylinders Get Free: Due to severe shortage of oxygen in the capital Delhi, the black market of oxygen cylinders has now started. In many places, cylinders are being sold at a higher rate than MRP. On the other hand, there is a place in Delhi where people are being given free oxygen. The space is in the Mayapuri industrial area, where oxygen cylinders are being refilled and free oxygen is being distributed to the people.

People are being given oxygen in the presence of Delhi Police. Some hospitals have also been given oxygen stocks. Abhishek Gupta, the owner of the oxygen plant, says there is a shortage of oxygen in Delhi. Also, people need oxygen. Therefore, we decided to distribute oxygen free of cost, in which the Delhi government is also helping us.

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