As the promise of “free Fabiflu” draws attention, Gautam Gambhir attacks back

The distribution of several hundred Fabiflu tapes is not a hoax, the cricket turned politician said that he is attacking the AAP leaders and indirectly blaming the party for the lack of Remdesivir and hospital beds in the Capital.

Delhi BJP MP Gautam Gambhir attacked his detractors on social media and said the free distribution of several hundred Fabiflu tapes was not a hoax. Without naming the AAP, the cricket politician turned politician said that this should not happen while Remdesivir was allowed to be marketed in black and hospital beds in Delhi were sold for 5-10 lakh.

On Wednesday, Gautam Gambhir took to Twitter and said that people in East Delhi can receive “Fabiflu” for free from his office, located at Jagriti Enclave. He asked people to take their Aadhaar card and prescription where this antiviral medicine was suggested.

The tweet attracted flak, while people on Twitter pointed out that Gautam Gambhir had accumulated the drug amid an acute shortage of capital in the Capital and, instead of distributing it for free from his office, should give it at some hospitals.

“This is why Remdisivir, Fabiflu and other critical drugs are being taken off the market. BJP leaders are accumulating these drugs. We have seen this in Gujarat as well. These leaders need to be reserved,” AAP leader Rajesh Sharma wrote on Twitter.

AAP MLA, Somnath Bharti, asked if this act of hoarding and administering the drug “according to his wishes” is not criminal. – Why not give them to the hospital? he said.

Congress leader Pawan Khera raised the question of whether this is legal and how his parliamentary office could procure so much of “Fabiflu” at a time when hospitals are in short supply.

In the face of the attack, BJP Baijayant leader Jay Panda supported Gautam Gambhir and said that those who attack him for arranging free medicines “betray the nervousness of the parties with whom they are associated”.

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