Banks changed schedules during the Corona period, now only four hours of work will be done.

4 hours bank work

Banking time in Covid-1 in: During Corona period, people will be able to avail banking facilities only for hours per day. The order has been in effect since April 22 and will take effect until May 15. The order will be continued if required.

Lucknow. Banking timing has also been changed in the wake of the situation created by the corona infection. An important decision was taken on Tuesday at a meeting of the State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC) via video conferencing. Under this, the time of banks across the state will now be from 10 am to 2 pm. This means that during the Corona period, people will be able to provide only 4 hours of banking facility per day. The order has been in effect since April 22 and will take effect until May 15. The order will be continued if required.

State level Bankers Committee The meeting, chaired by state coordinator Brijesh Kumar, decided that only four types of services would be provided during the banking period from 10 am to 2 pm. These will include cash deposits, cash withdrawals of over Rs 25,000, clearing of checks, remittances and government transactions. The bank will close at 4 p.m.

50 percent of the work will be done by employees

Considering the current situation, it was decided in the meeting that only 0% of the employees in the banks will be given jobs. The system will remain in rotational mode.These services will be run

SLBC Coordinator Brijesh Kumar said that check clearing, cash deposit, withdrawal of more than Rs 25,000, DD Creation, ATM cash loading vendor, core banking solution project, data center office, data recovery center, ATM back office, security operations center, cyber security, All services like service branch, clearing house, bank treasury office, forex back office and swift center, headquarters will be functioning normally.

These services will be banned

Less than 25000 customers will have to resort to ATMs to withdraw money. At the same time, all loan services will remain closed. Passbook printing will remain closed, as well as information on all banking schemes and the services provided by them will be completely discontinued by the bank. Only 5 people will enter the branch at a time with special care of social distance. In view of the growing transition of corona in the state, including the capital Lucknow, the SLBC has taken this decision in the interest of the bank employees to provide the necessary facilities to the bank employees without any hindrance in the banking system.