Bhaskar thoughts; The vaccine is given to the center at Rs. 1, but it costs Rs. 40,000 to the states and Rs. 100 to the private hospitals; Why is there such a difference? Vaccines are given at Rs. 1 to the Center, Rs .00 from the states and Rs. 600 from private hospitals. Why?

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  • Bhaskar thoughts; The center gets the vaccine dose at Rs 1 but it costs States00 states and TTP private hospitals; Why is there such a difference

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4 hours ago

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  • Everyone in the country needs to be vaccinated, so either get it free or just keep the old prices.

Covishield manufacturer Serum Institute of India has doubled the price of this vaccine. The company announced that the central government would continue to get the vaccine at Rs 1,150 crore, but the state governments would have to pay Rs 100 for a dose of covisilt and Rs 60,000 to private hospitals.

Until now, the vaccine was available free of cost in government hospitals, while the central government was providing it free of cost to the states. Rs 250 was taken to a private hospital as the government was vaccinating them for Rs 150.

Now 50% of the vaccine will be sold in the open market
From May 1, people over the age of 18 will also be vaccinated, 500% of the serum will be sold directly to the central government, while the remaining 0% will be sold directly to the state government and private hospitals. Under the new system, the serum will be sold to the vaccine center at Rs 1,150, but the state government will charge Rs 40,000 and private hospitals Rs 100.

Arguments for reimbursement of raw materials and royalties
The reason behind this is that Covisilt is developed by AstraZeneca-Oxford together and produces only liquid. As the campaign starts from May 1, the production of this vaccine is being increased. In such a situation the serum has increased the vaccine rate to reduce the overweight of the raw material and the royalty.

But the question arises that ..

  1. When a serum institution can give a vaccine to the central government for Rs. If we have to vaccinate a large population and the government wants to vaccinate as many people as possible, then the prices of state and private hospitals should be the same as those of the central government.
  2. Private hospitals will charge Rs 700 to Rs 600 per dose and other charges and if they continue up to Rs 150, they can only charge Rs 250. In government hospitals where the government has announced free, but in states where the call has not yet been received, it is not clear at what rate they will be charged. Shouldn’t we try to keep the same prices when we want to move towards 100% vaccination?
  3. Many states are still silent on free vaccines. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have announced free vaccinations from May 1. The decision of these governments in the public interest is welcome. Other states should take a similar decision and give relief to their citizens.

The question is that when the country is stuck between life and death and vaccination is the only way out of it, the first priority of the government is to save the lives of the people. The central government should immediately intervene and decide that while they can buy 50% of the vaccine for Rs 150, they can also buy 100%. This is also important because life is in danger here. Every citizen should get a vaccine, that should be our first duty.

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