Bhopal News: Shivraj government is hiding death figures from Corona? Government registered 5 bodies reached 138 cemeteries …

The death toll from corona in Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal has been steadily rising. The government says the figures are negligible, but on the other hand, if we believe in the city’s main cemeteries and cemetery statistics, the picture is different. Is the government hiding the death toll, is the government lying or are there figures for the city’s main cemetery?

On April 21, 138 bodies were cremated under the Corona Protocol. Dead bodies were cremated at Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat and dead bodies at Subhash Vishram Ghat. 13 bodies were buried in Zada ​​Cemetery. Official figures record 5 deaths from corona. On April 20, 148 bodies were cremated under the Corona Protocol.

This figure was fixed daily for the burial of corpses in the city from Corona. Bhadbhada, Subhash Vishram Ghat and Zada ​​are coming from the cemetery. The death graph is thus growing

On April 1, 112 bodies were cremated under the Corona Protocol, and on April 1, 118 bodies were cremated on the same day under the Corona Protocol.
As of April 17, 92 people had been cremated under the Corona Protocol at the city’s main resting place and cemetery, according to figures. Official figures record 3 deaths from corona.
On April 18, 112 bodies were cremated by Kovid protocol. The last rites of the deceased were performed at Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat.
On April 19, 123 bodies were cremated under the Corona Protocol.
On April 20, 148 bodies were cremated under the Corona Protocol.

Corona is maintaining havoc in Madhya Pradesh
On April 21, 13107 new corona cases were reported across the state. 1781 corona positive patients were found in Indore, 1709 in Bhopal, 789 in Jabalpur and 1219 in Gwalior. 75 people died due to corona infection. There were 82268 active patients in Madhya Pradesh. There is good news during the growing corona transition in the state. 35 03535 patients from across the state were discharged from the hospital. 1024 patients have been cured in Indore, 1664 in Bhopal, 437 in Jabalpur and 502 in Gwalior.