Bigg Boss 14: Jaan Kumar Sanu digs at Rahul Vaidya and says “I wish we had such a holiday” – tv

Singer Jaan Kumar Sanu, who was among the initial contestants to be chosen from the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss 14, dug into the show hosted by Salman Khan and contestant Rahul Vaidya, who re-entered the house days after you have chosen to go out.

Labeling all the evacuated competitors, Jaan wrote on Twitter: “Yaar ye kamaal hai. Holiday ke baad @ rahulvaidya23 is back !!! Kaash hume bhi vacation milta aisa @PavitraPunia_ @ shardulpandit11 @ColorsTV @BiggBoss @EndemolShineIND @OrmaxMedia Bigg Boss becomes Bigg Resort. (They are amazing friends! Rahul Vaidya is back after the holiday. I wish I could have had a similar holiday). ”

Shardul answered quickly and wrote: “Bhai tu hi ja @nikkitamboli to hai mera to vaisey bhi kaun MANJU? #ColorsTV # BiggBoss2020 # bb14 (You can go if you want. At least Nikki Tamboli is there. Who do I have there? Manju?). Jaan replied, “Manju bhi Jhagdegi ab toh (Even Manju will fight now).”

Rahul made his entrance this week, almost 10 days after he voluntarily left the show. On the weekend of the end of the season, Salman offered him the chance to give up, and the singer declared that he misses his family so much that he can no longer stay at home.

Upon his re-entry, Rahul said that after he left, he realized that it was a mistake to give up the game halfway. “My fans were upset that I left the show. My mother also said that I am doing great and that I should not have given up “, said the singer.

Salman mocked Rahul and said, “Sab miss karte hain. May 6 maheene farm on tha. Why? Because, if I go home and see myself with the diya crown (everyone misses my parents. But I’ve been on my farm for 6 months. Why? Because if I went home and infected them with Covid- 19)? When Rahul mentioned that he was also upset because he did not receive any answer from Disha Parmar, Salman replied: “Ha humara yahi kaam hai … Disha is show ka hissa nahi thi, humara koi obligation nahi tha (Good! Is that our business? Disha was not part of this show, so there were no obligations there). “Rahul proposed to Disha to get married, and while the actor claimed to have sent Rahul’s answer, the answer is still public.

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During the show, Jaan and Rahul had a pretty cold relationship. While Jaan had clearly confessed his feelings for Nikki, Rahul was often seen making him jealous, approaching her. Until Jaan was on the show, Nikki claimed to have treated Jaan as a friend or even less. It wasn’t until she was voted in that Nikki cried a lot and accepted its importance.

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