Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant schools Manu Punjabi and Nikki Tamboli about creating a love angle; He calls the latter Arshi Khan’s “sautan.”

Bigg Boss contestants have always won titles with their romantic ties and their inner ties. And the challenger Rakhi Sawant is very aware of this and therefore wants to get similar entertainment in Bigg boss 14.

In the episode of the previous night (December 15), Rakhi was seen telling Manu Punjabi and Nikki Tamboli to create a love angle between them. She went to them and told them to cook a love story to be loved by the public.

Meanwhile, Manu and Nikki initially refused to agree later. They replied that they would try to do this and are open to her suggestions on how to make it more impactful.

Later, while Rakhi was talking to Arshi Khan, who was talking to her that his roommates were afraid of her because he was taking all the footage. The first then referred to Nikki as Arshi’s “sautan”, who tries to take Manu from her. Arshi deleted it and said that she and Manu are just friends.

Earlier, when everyone had a conversation about Manu and Nikki, saying that something was cooking between them. Arshi had mentioned then that Manu had a girlfriend outside. And he also revealed that he would soon marry her.

When Manu found out about the discussion, he went all out and told them not to say such things on the show, as it could destroy Nikki’s image. And he doesn’t want her to be slandered in the show.