Brigadier Mohammed Usman | “Naushera ka Sher” and the damaged tomb of Indo-Pak war hero Brig Usman have been restored

Tomb of Brigadier Mohammed Usman of New Delhi

New Delhi: The 1947-48 tomb of the India-Pakistan war hero, Brigadier Mohammed Usman here, has been restored by the Indian Army. The tomb was restored a few days after images of a damaged tomb appeared, prompting an urgent restoration of the Indian war hero’s last resting place.

Brig Usman’s grave is in Jamia Cemetery in New Delhi. After the grave was found in a dilapidated state, the army came out to say that it was able to take care of the national hero’s last resting place if the authorities could not.

“The tomb falls under the territorial jurisdiction of Jamia Millia Islamia, so the administration should be responsible for the maintenance of the tomb. And if they cannot maintain it, the army is fully capable of taking care of the war hero’s tomb.” an army source was quoted in a PTI report.

Brig Usman was the greatest officer martyred in the Indo-Pak war of 1947-48.

Earlier, BJP Rajja Sabha MP Syed Zafar Islam said he was ready to rebuild the national hero’s grave.

Islam has offered to repair the grave, saying the BJP has always respected “our soldiers who have made supreme sacrifices for our country.”

Brig Usman was honored with the Maha Vir Chakra posthumously. He also became known as “Naushera ka Sher” for the heroism he displayed before attaining martyrdom. A plaque adjacent to the tomb mentions both.

“Here are the remains of the brave son of the soil, the late Brigade Mohammed Usman, MVC (posthumous). Decades and generations have passed, but his tomb is a testimony to the gallant sage of a true son of the homeland. It has and will continue to inspire future generations to come, “the plaque reads.