Brother’s reaction after Vikas Gupta’s emotional drama, share with Sushant’s photo – Vikas Gupta brother shared a picture with Sushant Singh Rajput gave a secret message for Vikas TMOV

Vikas Gupta from the back of Bigg Boss 14 had openly told Arshi Khan about her past. He had revealed that he made his mistake by loving his younger brother more because his brother separated Vikas from his mother. Now his brother Siddharth Gupta has shared a post on social media. In which actor Sushant Singh Rajput is seen.

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Siddharth Gupta shared this picture on his Instagram story. In which Siddharth is seen with the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. This picture of him is of a lake. While sharing this picture, he mocked Vikas and gave him the strength to fight against the “Miss You Brother,” falsehood and give me the strength to sustain my character.

The last episode saw Vikas talking to Arshi. In which he was talking about his personal life. He said, “I came here and I felt that I love my mother very much. I love my younger brother the most, but this was my biggest mistake. Siddhartha had kidnapped my mother from me.) They were not together, but then Vikas said, “My family members celebrated my birthday and my mother came from Dehradun. But she never invited me. And even worse, my mother never came to see me.

Explain that Vikas Gupta and Sushant Singh Rajput have known each other since the time of their sacred relationship. In July, Vikas Gupta shared a video of Sushant Singh Rajput. In which the late artist was seen exploring the sky. In the video, Sushant is seen talking about the sky. Vikas thanked Sushant’s brother Siddharth for taking care of him. Collectively, they said that their brother has learned a lot from Sushant. Let us know that this video of the development has now been deleted from social media.