BS Yediyurappa is the father of Operation Kamala, says Siddaramiah – India News

Even when BS chief minister Yediyurappa said on Thursday that the BJP government had acted credibly by winning a majority of Gram Panchayats in Karnataka state, the senior deputy and opposition leader in the Siddaramiah state assembly accused him of organizing an operation to attract members. .

Ballot boxes were held for 5,728 Gram panchayats, the vote taking place in two phases on December 22 and 27. On Thursday, 91,339 members were elected.

“BJP has improved its performance both nationally and nationally. In the Gram Panchayat polls, BJP supported candidates who won over 60% of the seats. Of the 5,728 doctors, BJP-backed candidates won a majority in more than 3,800. This was possible thanks to our national leadership and collective leadership at the local level, ”said Yediyurappa.

CM pointed out that in addition to winning 12 of the 15 rallies in last year’s election, the BJP won both rallies where bypolls were held this year. “We’ve been constantly improving our performance,” he said.

However, Siddaramiah rejected the BJP’s claim that it won most of the family doctors.

Yediyurappa is the father of “Operation Kamala” (lotus). Using his power of money, he is trying to lure our supported party to the candidates who won the GP polls. Making false statements, as most family doctors have gained, does not reflect well on a CM, ”said Siddaramiah.

In the lexicon of Congress, Operation Kamala is the BJP’s alleged secret way of trying to get MPs to leave opposition parties, especially a ruling coalition.

Political analyst Manjunath stressed that since the GP polls were conducted without a party, it was easy for all parties to claim victory.

“In a number of places, it looked like a fight between the BJP and the Congress, with the marginal saffron party. JDS is a distant third. However, being in power means that the BJP enjoys a natural advantage in trying to attract supporters of other parties and independents to install their choice to lead Gram Panchayats. “