Carlsen, So and Nakamura return for the Airthings Masters

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen will take revenge against the leader of the champions’ chess tournament, Wesley So, when the first major of the tournament starts on December 26th. The 12-player tournament runs through January 3 and has a prize pool of $ 200,000, with the winner raising $ 60,000 and a guaranteed place in the grand final next September. Airthings, which produces internal radon and indoor air quality monitors, is partnering with the Tour and will measure the air quality in players’ homes while playing.

Star alignment for Airthings Masters

We’re excited to announce the venue for the second event in the $ 1.5 million Champions Chess Tour, the Airthings Masters, which features 8 of the world’s top 11 players, according to the classic rating list. The average rating is 2761 and the average age is 30.6.

The composition includes the eight players who qualified as the top 8 in the Champions Chess Tour after the first event, the Skilling Open, which was won by Wesley So after a thrilling final victory over Magnus Carlsen.

Those players are joined by Spanish champion David Anton, who was voted back at the Airthings Masters, despite finishing out of qualifying, and Russian triple world champion Blitz Alexander Grischuk, who won his second public vote among members. premium to chess24.

They are also joined by two wild cards, Russian Daniil Dubov, who was the only player besides Magnus to win an event at the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour, and Indian Pentala Harikrishna, who was ranked world. 10.

Double the prize pool

The prize pool for the first Major of the Champions Chess tournament is $ 200,000, double the usual events such as the Skilling Open, the biggest prize increasing to $ 60,000. A difference this time is that there will be a match for 3rd place, to run in parallel with the final.

The winner is guaranteed a place in the final of the Champions Chess Tour next September, while the first 8 players in the overall ranking of the tour after the Airthings Masters will be automatically invited to the next regular event of 16 players in the February 2021 tournament.

The union of Christmas and the New Year

Airthings Masters will be a Christmas and New Year gift for chess fans, as it takes place without a day off from Boxing Day, December 26 – January 3. Once again there is a 3 day preliminary stage in which the players play each other once, before the first 8 players go ahead in the knockout.

Chess should end by midnight on New Year’s Eve, wherever the players are, as the start time of this event will be 15:00 CET (09:00 ET), three hours earlier than for Skilling Open.

Do you breathe better, play better?

Airthings will be the main partner of the Airthings Masters and the official partner for air quality for the first full season of the Tour. Airthings will monitor and transmit air quality levels in players’ homes to raise awareness of the importance of good indoor air and how it affects our cognitive abilities, decision making and health.

World chess champions Magnus Carlsen commented:

Chess players expect perfect conditions during tournaments. Normally, the air quality is taken care of by those who organize the tournaments, and the conditions are the same for everyone. But because we play separately, we have to take responsibility ourselves.

By monitoring the quality of the air in the room, we can make sure that the air we breathe is good. I think it will be important to maintain a high level throughout the tournament.

Andreas Thome, CEO of Play Magnus Group, said:

For players, the Champions Chess Tour requires high-stakes decision-making, often under time pressure. It will be fascinating to see how the world performs best in the Airthings Masters, while at the same time being able to see in real time what the conditions are like in each of their homes using Airthings technology.

Oyvind Birkenes, CEO of Airthings, stressed the importance of air quality:

For chess, sports and players, concentration is essential, and players who sit for hours in a room, the air they breathe play a key role in performance, decision making and reasoning. By monitoring the air quality in the room, chess players can make sure that the air they breathe is as healthy as possible and that they stay up to the game throughout a tournament.

Abbreviation Airthings Masters

All the logos of the Champions Chess tournament are graphical representations of certain chess games. The Skilling Open logo was produced by 13-year-old Bobby Fischer, while the Airthings Masters logo was chosen by vote.

The winner was the brilliant attacking game that gave Wesley So the victory over Hikaru Nakamura in the semifinals of the Skilling Open.

The best live chess coverage around

The Airthings Masters will be broadcast live in languages ​​including English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Turkish, Italian and Portuguese, with TV channel NRK showing the action in Norway, while Eurosport streams live in over 60 markets worldwide. Here on chess24, we will once again have more English language streams for everyone from beginners to experienced chess fans. You don’t want to miss it!

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