Cayo Perico Heist of GTA: Seven years of evolution

When GTA Online

released for the first time shortly after Grand Theft Auto 5, it was an unstable mess, full of bugs. Players have lost progress, even entire characters, if only you could actually log on to its subscribed servers. Seven years later, those launching misfortunes are a distant memory. It still attracts hundreds of thousands of gamers, and despite its development spanning two generations of consoles – three if you count the imminent release on PS5 and Xbox Series X next year – it’s trying to stay fresh with regular updates. the latest of these additions and, according to Rockstar, is the largest and most ambitious robbery of GTA Online to date. It is also the first GTA content to be established outside the US in over 20 years and adds a much-requested new single-player experience since the launch of GTA 5.

Located on a paradise island owned by the drug lord El Rubio, Cayo Perico is built on the foundations of the robberies that came before and is the culmination of years of evolution. Heists were first added to GTA Online in 2015 and brought a taste of much-loved missions to several parts of GTA 5 in Los Santos’ ever-expanding multiplayer mode. Since then, the addition of Heomsday Heist in 2017 and Diamond Casino Heist last year have repeated on the formula; Doomsday has introduced training missions freely, which means that equipment made before the final could be disrupted by other players around the world. Diamond Casino Heist added even more freedom, allowing teams to choose one of three ways to tackle robbery – theft, all firearms and somewhere in between.

However, Rockstar had greater ambitions for robberies, as design director Scott Butchard explains: “The casino was a great Heist, but we were still limited by the type of choice, the approaches we took. We wanted to go further and make it much more open. ” Like Diamond Casino Heist, there are different ways to approach Cayo Perico, but now you are not stuck doing it one way or another. You can prepare to go one way and change tactics in part if things start to go south. “Rather than focusing on choosing a final approach, everything you do as part of the preparations, optional and mandatory, is in the service of the final itself,” says Tarek Hamad, Design Director for GTA Online. “Everything influences the way the ending will unfold, so don’t necessarily choose the high-frontal assault with high action as an approach or stealth approach. You only have so much choice and freedom to choose the way you want to prepare for the final “.

I had a look at how these choices might present themselves during a short showcase of theft, and one of the ways to get to the island is by being left aerodynamically at night by a stealth plane. Of course, you have to get the plane first, which presents its own challenges – I saw a lone protagonist infiltrating an air base under cover of darkness, quietly taking out guards with a silent rifle, but there are many other ways to achieve the same goal . “You can select a vehicle and land on the island almost undercover,” explains Butchard. “But with a different approach, you can grab an armed boat and simply attack yourself completely. You can also enter from the air. There is not only the simple choice of “how do I get to this island?”, But also “where do I want to get to this island?” Or “how can I get into the safer compound inside it?” There are a lot of variations out there in the way you do it. “

They are not always the obvious decisions you have to make either, and sometimes smaller details, which can be easily overlooked, can have a big impact. you in the end, to get up and break your path much quieter or to take the secondary prey “, reveals Butchard.

Importantly, these choices are present throughout the robbery, not just in the preparation phase, and if you make an interesting discovery, you are free to change your approach at any time: “When you are actually in the end, you can continue to pick up things that affect the way in which everything will take place “, says Hamad.

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One crucial thing is to prepare for all eventualities, because even the best established plans can fail, as Butchard reveals. “I tend to try to start the stealth of the end, but I’ve always acquired the ability to attack in case everything doesn’t go well. I have a reservation, to launch an air strike to create chaos. You can definitely plan things that go wrong or go well! “

“I have a really itchy trigger,” admits Tarek. “So, when the team and I land there on the island, I can’t resist! But you can resume this, as in the case of previous Heists, and really carve the optimal path, until you find yourself absolutely stolen.

There are other factors that can influence your approach to robbery. According to Butchard, “If you own a penthouse, it easily changes one of the dishes. Or if you have access to Chester McCoy, the weapons expert beforehand, he gives you extra skills. ” These links to previous robberies are presented in Cayo Perico, and GTA Online’s long-standing players will be rewarded with countless clues from the past, as well as benefits similar to those described above.

However, one thing that is a dramatic deviation from what came before is the location of the robbery. The Caribbean island of El Rubio is a long way from the familiar sights of Los Santos, so much so that the only way to get there is by hoist – you can’t hijack a helicopter and fly there freely. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s that nice feeling you have in single-player, when you finally came back to North Yankton with Michael and Trevor, “says Butchard. “That’s it [feeling] to go to the airport, to get on the plane … You leave Los Santos behind and then you reach this new type of tropical island. “

The links to previous robberies are discussed in full, and GTA Online’s long-standing players will be rewarded with countless nods to the past.

Years after Rockstar filled to the last inch of Los Santos, the idea to move to a completely different place was one that came from an unexpected inspiration. “The map is so dense, with content that I was,” We have to find somewhere else. What else can we do in Los Santos? Butchard explains. “And then the idea came – music. And then I came up with an idea about islands and music on islands, and then he moved to the idea of ​​this thief on this amazing type of tropical island. ”

The music is in the center of Cayo Perico Heist. First of all, adding the Music Locker nightclub under the casino is the way to start the robbery, introducing you to Miguel Madrazo, the son of a powerful king in charge of eliminating El Rubio. From there you buy a used Russian submarine and head to the Caribbean.

And what a place Cayo Perico promises to be. From golden beaches dotted with palm trees to parts of the jungle that cover parts of the island, it’s the kind of place you’d go to relax and unwind, rather than take down a criminal overload. Fortunately, you have all the time in the world to look around, as long as you are not caught. “There’s a lot to explore beyond the Heist,” says Butchard. “There is no time limit when you are there, so you can spend as much as you want on that island. I hope for the players it feels like I left Los Santos behind. And it feels like … no stranger, but this new thing you’ve never seen in GTA before. “

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It is a huge island and, like Los Santos, is full of life. But rather than people who travel on the sidewalks and live their daily lives, Cayo Perico is an island that has a hidden side. On the surface it is a paradise where world-famous DJs play beach parties all day (acting as a roadie for the techno outfit Kienemusik is one of the ways to sneak on the island, by the way), but the towers of guard and patrols covering traces of earth indicate a darker part of Cayo Perico.

Exploring the island is essential if you want the best chance of reaching El Rubio. There are weapon caches that you can scratch or destroy and hidden areas of the island that, if you spend your time, could have an impact on how the robbery unfolds, as Butchard explains: “You could cover a hidden area and that will trigger a preparation to collect a helicopter, you can storm stormy in this area because it is protected. “

It is a huge island and, like Los Santos, is full of life.

In the center of the island is the El Rubio mansion, which is in the center of a heavily guarded complex. I just took a brief look at what awaits anyone who gets this far, but it’s fair to say that El Rubio’s army is bigger than a small country and a team of four – or a single player, because this is the first once GTA Online’s Heists can be played with a single player – his work will surely be cut short, reaching the end. Fortunately, there are several ridiculous ways to have fun on the island, whether it’s a search of El Rubio’s secret caches for valuable artwork, or simply stopping the job and relaxing. at a beach party.

After seven years, GTA Online continues to surprise and evolve. When they were first launched, they were fresh and captivating, but separating them from the rest of the online experience was a little annoying. Cayo Perico is one step closer to making the whole experience more cohesive and, at the same time, taking bold steps to introduce a new framework and ways to play. Core technology could start to show its age, but GTA Online continues to show that good ideas and a commitment to excellence are forever timeless.