Celebrating the New Year 2021: New Zealand was the first to welcome the New Year The new country was the first in the country to welcome 2021, amazing photos came to light

Wellington: New Zealand has said goodbye to the year 2020 and welcomed the year 2021 with new hope. New Zealand (excluding the rest of the world)New ZealandFirst New Year Celebration ()New Year Celebration 2021) Celebrated. Firecrackers were also set off at this time.

Due to the corona virus, the New Year was celebrated in a different way this time. At this time most people are welcoming the new year with their safety in mind. People hope that the new year 2020 will be free of epidemic problems and everything will be normal. However, the year 2021 is being celebrated in India even though it is 12 noon. Let’s see the different color pictures and videos to celebrate New Year 2021 …

Let us say that the first New Year in the world was welcomed in Samoa and Christmas Island / Kiribati. The new year begins at 3.30 pm on December 31, Indian time. This was followed by New Zealand, Russia and Australia.Australia) Was done in the new year.

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These neighboring countries will celebrate the New Year in front of India

New Year celebrations will be held in India’s neighbors China, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal. The Chinese New Year will be celebrated on December 31 at 9.30 pm Indian time. At the same time, the New Year will be celebrated at 11 pm in Myanmar and 11:30 pm in Bangladesh (Happy New Year 2021).

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