Center vs Delhi In Court Over Oxygen


  • Several hospitals in Delhi are struggling with their medical oxygen supply
  • Delhi could have given us a list of hospitals facing the shortage: Center
  • Delhi said the plants allocated to the state are located far away

The Delhi government should not “sensitize” the lack of oxygen in the national capital, the Center told the High Court today as desperate calls for help poured in from several hospitals in the city struggling to hold the breath of hundreds of Covid patients. “Let the Delhi government give us the list of hospitals (which are facing shortages). We will be paying attention to it. We are also worried. If they want to do this just for reporting … then we can’t say anything,” he said. said the Center. as the hearing on the critical oxygen deficit in the capital resumed early on the third day.

Yesterday, after the Max group, another hospital moved the court today, because its oxygen reserves are dangerously low. Saroj Super Specialist Hospital, which called for the release of oxygen by the INOX supplier, immediately supplied itself. Meanwhile, at least six hospitals have reported depleting stocks. One said his stocks were completely depleted.

“This is not an opportunity for sensationalization. The Delhi government could have given us this list of hospitals that sent SOS for oxygen,” the center said.

In his statement today, Delhi said that although the oxygen quota for the city has increased, the allocated plants are located far away, leading to huge logistical problems.

“Some factories are in West Bengal, Odisha, etc. In the morning we receive various SOS calls from hospitals for oxygen. Two units are in UP and Haryana. In Haryana, officials have taken over the factory,” the Delhi government said.

The center wondered if the Delhi government had contacted Union secretaries. “Did you even send a message to the Center by phone?” said the Center, but later acknowledged that there are some logistical problems.

“You (the Center) have made the allocation, but the local administration is obstructing the movement of oxygen. What is the purpose of the allocation if transport is not allowed?” said the exasperated court.

The judges suggested that the Center address this issue. “Let Panipat give Haryana and increase the stainless steel allocation for Delhi,” the judges said.