charli xcx Oops camera recorded video goes viral on social media | The dress slipped off the singer’s shoulders, captured on camera oops moment; Video goes viral

New Delhi: Whether at home or abroad, celebs often fall prey to ups and downs because of their dress. Something similar happened with the famous British singer Charlie XXX. During the video conference, she fell victim to Ops Moment. Surprisingly, Charlie XXX shared a video of his moment on social media, which is going hugely viral.

Oops the moment was captured on camera
Recently, Charlie (Charlie XXX) was presenting the Australian Recording Industry Music Awards. The award ceremony was organized by video conference. At this virtual awards ceremony, Charlie XCX was giving away the Best Pop Release Award to The Kid Leroy and Justin Bieber. As she finished speaking, the strap of her dress slipped off her shoulder and her oops moment was captured on camera. However, she immediately fixes the dress and starts laughing.

Users began to enjoy
While sharing this video, Charlie XCX congratulates the winners, but friends and users are enjoying their moment. One user wrote, We want this video uncensored version. Another wrote, I was just thinking that Charlie rarely appears in full clothes. Another commented, excited while announcing the winner. Someone wrote, poor Charlie. In this way, users are enjoying Charlie XXX.

He had already been killed
Charlie (Charlie XXX) has been a victim of Ops Moment before. In 2018, his ups moment was recorded on camera at an event in Arizona. After the incident, he said, ‘If I have offended anyone, forgive me. I think I was saved but that was not my intention.

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