China continues to arrest and close Uyghurs despite international reactions, experts say

LONDON: Communist Party of China he didn’t even do it small changes in its broader and ill-fated agenda of systematic elimination Uighur ethnic minority from its northwestern Xinjiang province, experts and Uighur Muslims living in different parts of the world said.
Various testimonies leaving the non-Chinese world reveals that Beijing in fact, it intensified its operations by putting more people internment camps.
People who managed to escape tyranny say that all the members of their family who are left behind now serve rigorous prison sentences from 13 to 15 years.
Nursiman Abdureshid, a Uighur Muslim who moved to Turkey after finding no way to pursue higher education in China, said her family was put behind bars for the simple reason that she managed to flee the country.
He hasn’t even spoken to a family member in over three years. “At that moment I didn’t realize they were being taken to concentration camps, but when I heard thousands of testimonies from people living abroad when they talked about their families, I started to worry. But I don’t have any information today. In 2018, I received a message from the authorities that my family had been arrested. Chinese officials and human rights organizations, but did not receive any information. In June 2020, I received a phone call from the Chinese embassy in Turkey and they told me that my family was in prison, “Nursiman said as he spoke at a virtual event hosted by Open Forum UK.
While Nursiman’s father and mother have been sentenced to 16 and 13 years respectively, his two brothers will also serve a combined rigorous two-decade prison term.
She says that not only she, but thousands of children are left alone with their entire family placed in internment camps. Another Uighur MuslimRahime Mahmut, who has lived in the UK for the past two decades, said the region’s rapidly growing violent atmosphere had made her flee the country.
She said authorities always keep control of her family and that her brothers have been put behind bars.
Rahime Mahmut, project manager, Uyghur World Congress in the UK, he said: “The disaster never stopped after the CCP occupied the region in 1949. We were promised autonomy in 1955, but it was never honored. But the situation worsened after the student movement. I could not mute in my country for the last two decades, but at least I was talking to my brothers and sisters.But one day, it was interrupted.The last conversation I had with my brother was in January 2017. Every story in the region It’s more horrible than the other. This is genocide. It’s been going on since 2017 and has been protected by the international community. ”
In addition to sending Uighurs to prisons, a systematic birth control action has been launched in the region. Experts say it is an alternative way of ethnic cleansing.
“Birth control or forced abortion, which aims to prevent the growth of the population of an ethnic group, continues and there is evidence. It is also possible that the torture will be conducted in a way designed to destroy the Uighur people in the region. “said Michael Polak, a member of the executive committee of the human rights lawyers’ association.
He said that under the genocide convention, states can file a case against a state (China) saying that the state commits genocide and that the international court will make that decision.
However, he added, “Countries are reluctant because of China’s economic influence. Islamic organizations have done very little. China is also putting pressure on states around the world not to talk about what is happening.”
He said the United States was the only country to take any substantive action against the Chinese. They have placed restrictions on those involved or who support the crime against the Uighurs.
Experts say the US could do this because it has a greater geopolitical influence than China. No other country has a similar influence, therefore it does not dare to resist the flagrant and inhuman atrocities committed by it.