Corona Linked Deadly Black Fungal Infection At Sir Ganga Ram Hospital: New Trouble From Corona! Deadly fungal infection of the eye, 13 such cases in the last 15 days


  • Rare fungal infections after people recover from corona
  • Eye light, nose and jaw bones are also affected
  • Many such cases have come to light at Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi
  • Death is also possible if the infection reaches the brain, requiring timely treatment

New Delhi
A variety of problems occur in people who later recover from an outbreak of the corona virus. Doctors knew this from the beginning. But now it has been found that such a rare and life-threatening fungal infection kills the eyes. As a result, the nose and jaw bones have to be removed. In some cases it also affects the brain where half the people die within 15 days. This is known as black fungus or mucormicosis. In the last one day, 1 such case has been reported at Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi.

Mucous mycosis was formerly known as zygomycosis. It is caused by an infection caused by molds called mucormesets. Mucous mycosis mainly affects people who have health problems or who have taken medications that reduce their ability to fight germs and disease.

50% vision was lost in this case
In the last 15 days, 13 such cases have been reported to eye-nose-throat (ENT) doctors, hospital officials said on Monday. Officials said the worrying problem is rare but not new. “The fungal infections in Kovid-1 are new,” he said. A statement from the hospital said, “In the last 15 days, 13 cases of fungal infections from Kovid-1 to ENT have been reported to ENT physicians. , In which 50 percent of patients have decreased vision. ”

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What are the symptoms?
In mucormicosis, the face becomes numb. On the one hand, the nose may be closed or the eyes may be swollen, causing pain. ENT surgeons treat by taking samples from cultures that can prevent light from escaping. In one case, a 2-year-old man who had recovered from covid complained of shortness of breath on the left side of his nose. Within two days, one eye became swollen and he went to the doctor. The left side of his face was completely numb and he had to be rushed to the emergency room. Confirmation of fungus in tests. By then the infection had suffered greatly.

If you get the information in time, you can avoid getting published. The nose and jaw can also be medically saved. Death can also occur if the infection reaches the brain.


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