Covacin News: Biotech Effectiveness in Double Mutations Covacin Vaccine News: Covacin is Effective in Eliminating Double Mutations


  • Covidin 19 Covacin has been found to be 78 percent effective in preventing infection.
  • The third phase study involved 25,800 participants
  • There are fewer but fewer cases of infection in the country after vaccination

New Delhi
A native vaccine called covacin has been claimed to be effective against a double-mutated double-mutated virus in the country. In addition, it protects against many foreign forms of corona. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) made the claim on Wednesday regarding covacin. Please note that covacin has been approved for emergency use in many countries, including India. Other 60 countries are in talks for approval.

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Britain and Brazil also protect against the virus
The ICMR said the investigation found that covacin also protects against the corona virus found in Britain, Brazil. A similar experiment was conducted on the double mutant virus found in the country and the results were positive. Let me tell you, in the third phase of the interim trial, covacin was found to be 78 percent effective in preventing mild to severe covid 19 infections.

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The need for hospitalization was reduced by 100 percent
At the same time, after taking it, this infectious disease reduces the need for hospitalization of a person by 100 percent. The third phase of covacin study involved 25,800 participants between the ages of 18 and 98. It was evaluated 14 days after the second dose. Krishna Ela, Managing Director of Cherylman and Bharat Biotech, said, “The issue of its effectiveness has been established against SARS-Cove-2. Covacin has demonstrated its ability to provide good protection under clinical trials and emergency use.

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Infection after both doses but not severe
The government has acknowledged that there have been cases of coronavirus infection in the country, but the number is very low. Dr. Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research. Balaram Bhargava said on Wednesday that although the infection still occurs after using both doses of the vaccine, it is not very serious. Covisilt and covacin are currently being installed in the country.

Only 695 people who took both doses became infected.
Dr. According to Bhargava, out of 1.1 crore people who took covacin, 93.5.56, 6 people had their first dose and out of them, 20. Some contracted corona. This percentage of infection is 0.04. 17,37,178 took both doses and 695 of them became infected. This percentage is also 0.04. Similarly, 10,03,02,745 of the 11.6 million established by Covisilt took the first dose and 17,145 became infected.

Only 0.2 percent of people are at risk of infection
That is, only 0.02 people became infected. Similarly, 1,57,32,754 took its second dose and 5,014 of them became infected. That’s 0.03 percent of people infected. Dr. Bhargava says there is an infection in both doses of the vaccine, but it has not been found to be serious.