COVID-19: UK regulator makes big statement after 4 Pfizer vaccine volunteers develop Bell’s palsy in US | World news

The UK Drug Regulatory Agency and the Health Product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have allayed fears of Bell’s palsy associated with the coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer-BioNTech after four participants in US studies suffered from facial paralysis. .

The vaccine was developed by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer and the German biotechnology company BioNTech.

According to, “four cases in the group of vaccines do not represent a frequency higher than expected in the general population.”

“Even in an unvaccinated population, a number of deaths and cases of Bell’s palsy are expected only by chance. The frequency of Bell’s death and paralysis observed in vaccine participants is not higher than the expected background rate, indicating that there is most likely no causal relationship with the vaccine, “added

The MHRA also made similar observations, saying that the safety profile of the Pfizer vaccine is similar to other commonly used inoculations. The UK regulator has said it will never allow the supply of any vaccine in the country that does not meet the required standards for safety, quality and efficacy.

It should be noted that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said on December 9 that the pharmaceutical giant did not “cut corners” while launching vaccines.

The vaccine was “tested in exactly the same way we test any vaccine circulating there,” Bourla said, adding: “This vaccine has been tested, because of the control, with even higher standards of how it works.” . “

“There are always people who are skeptical about vaccines, but I have to say I’m wrong,” said Pfizer CEO.