Czarina TV Ekta Kapoor teases fans with cryptic posts full of love and comments with her mysterious man; read more

TV producer and filmmaker Ekta Kapoor has great news to share while posing with her mysterious man. Friends and fans just got excited.

Ekta posted a photo with Tanveer Bookwala and wrote, “We are not there! I will say everything soon !!!! “Digging more, I found that Tanveer commented on the image, saying,” Yeh dosti ko rishtedaari mein badal ne ka pandan aa chuka hain. ”

Do we see the wedding bells ringing?

Tanveer happens to be the founder and creative director of an entertainment company and also previously worked with Ekta’s production company.

Tanveer also has several pictures of Ekta, and the subtitles say a thousand words. In one of the pictures, he wrote: “Emotion and stability. Enough said. ”

In May, Tanveer shared this image with Ekta, who says: “Most people, over the years, have believed that our relationship will be hair today, tomorrow gone. Guess, now I can snatch their opinions. Here are more hair growth adventures … ”

Ekta responded to this post in an ingenious way by connecting all her shows and movies. Answer: Ur d “asur” in my life n I am ur “girl dream” in a universe “alt’ernat, we both sing” ding “dong dil dole long !!! This is to nazar na lage! ‘Toxic’ log humari ‘dysfunctional’ dosti ka ‘apharan’ na kare!


They wanted the fans to guess with the big news that Ekta is about to make.

Ekta hugged the maternity ward through a surrogate and welcomed the little boy Ravie on January 27, 2019.