DDA will sell 215 apartments for 2 million euros, each being the most expensive Delhi news

NEW DELHI: Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is ready to launch Housing scheme 2021 on saturday and in the offer are a total of 1,354 apartments from different categories. These include the most expensive apartments DDA ever sold – $ 2.1 million for a three-bedroom Higher Income Group (HIG) apartment in Jasola.
The authority said that the housing scheme was to be launched on January 2, 2021 and that applications under the scheme will be received by February 16, 2021. The scheme includes 1,354 apartments, including 254 HIG apartments, spread over 162 to 167 meters. square and costs between 1.9 and 2.1 million. Of these, 215 apartments are located in Jasola, located next to Jasola Vihar-Shaheen Bagh Delhi Subway Station.

The most expensive apartments sold by DDA so far were the 1.7 million HIG apartments in block F Vasant Kunj, which were part of the housing scheme launched in 2019.
The total number of two-bedroom apartments, Middle Income Group (MIG) is 757, of which 352 apartments are located in the Dwarka 19-B sector and 348 in the 16 D-Dwarka sector, which are distributed on 120 to 130 square meters with a price ranging between 1.1 and 1.2 crore. There are also several other MIG apartments located in areas such as Vasant Kunj.
Although DDA officials said earlier that there will be no one-bedroom apartments, the lower-income group (LIG), the final scheme has 52 of them and scattered in locations in the capital, including Rohini, Dwarka Sector-23, Kondli Gharoli and Narela. The area of ​​these apartments varies between 33 and 47 square meters, and the price varies between Rs 21.4 and Rs 23.5 lakh. There are also 276 apartments for the weaker sections of the economy, located in Manglapuri in Dwarka, which are part of the scheme.
“All the apartments are completely built and ready for disposal. The quality of the construction of the apartments is on a par with the best private developers in NCR, the location is extremely good and all these are freehold properties, ”said a DDA official.
The scheme will be launched online through the DDA’s new “AWAAS” software.