Delhi AIIMS Nurses Union goes on indefinite strike to address their demands related to AI Central Pay Commission

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) nurses’ union on Tuesday went on strike for the second day in a row over the ongoing corona crisis in the country. The nurses’ union has gone on strike over the Sixth Central Pay Commission and other demands.

The president of the Delhi Nurses Union said that our union is ready to negotiate with the administration. We feel bad for patients, but we are helpless because our demands are not met. We had given a strike notice a month ago, but even then the administration did not listen to our demands.

According to the information received, the AIIMS Nurses Union has been on strike indefinitely since Monday, while the directors of their AIIMS have appealed to them to withdraw the agitation and return to work. Their demands include implementing the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission and canceling contract recruitment. About 5,000 nurses went on strike on Monday afternoon, disrupting patient services at the prestigious hospital. AIIMS director Randeep Guleria said in a video message that the strike was “inappropriate” and “unfortunate”.

“I urge all nurses and nursing officers not to go on strike and as far as nurses are concerned, they should not be ashamed of our dignity,” he said. Dr. “I urge all of you to come back and help us deal with this epidemic,” Guleria said. Earlier, the strike was scheduled to begin on December 16.

Guleria said the nurses’ union has made two demands and the AIIMS administration and government have agreed to almost all of them. He said that one of the demands was related to the inconsistency in fixing the salary under the Sixth Pay Commission.

The director of AIIMS said that several meetings with the Nurses Association were attended not only by the AIIMS administration but also by representatives of the Expenditure Department, the financial advisor to the Ministry of Health and the person who drafted the Sixth CPC. . He has been told that his explanation is not correct.

Revocation of gender reservation in nurse recruitment as well as contract appointment etc. without the demand of the Sixth CPC. They have also demanded closure. In a letter to the directors, the union said the AIIMS administration had not taken concrete measures and their demands pertaining to the Sixth Central Pay Commission were rejected.

At the same time, the relatives of the patients admitted to the AIIMS say that they are suffering a lot due to the indefinite strike of the AIIMS Nursing Union. “My father has been admitted to the emergency ward and we are not aware of his condition and what is going on in the hospital,” said Priya, who was admitted to the hospital. Our call comes in 24 hours.

At the same time Abhishek said that our nephew is in an emergency situation, we will not allow him to meet. We sat like this yesterday, we are not allowed to meet yet.