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New Delhi
With the increasing number of corona, news of oxygen shortage is also coming from the country’s capital Delhi. Even now, some hospitals are said to have only a few hours of oxygen left. A petition was filed in the Delhi High Court on behalf of Max Hospital on the issue of lack of oxygen. Upon hearing this, the court slammed the Center. The increase in oxygen quota in Delhi has been welcomed by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Quota increased but still lacking, every update on oxygen in Delhi –

The central government should state its plan
The Supreme Court has also shown sternness after the Delhi High Court amid a shortage of oxygen and medicines. Taking cognizance of the matter on its own, the apex court has issued a notice to the Center asking what its plan should be for Corona. The apex court has asked the Center to respond to the supply of medicines as well as oxygen and its plans at the national level.

How to tell if there is no oxygen
Cricketer and TMC leader Manoj Tiwary has shared a video about the lack of oxygen. This video shows a girl crying. She is saying that her father is hospitalized and at the last minute is being told that there is no oxygen. How can you say that? They cannot be removed from the hospital. At the same time, another woman was seen crying.

Dividing Delhi-Haryana will not save the country
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the Union government fixes the quota of oxygen for each state. The center decides how much oxygen is available in which state as much oxygen is produced in the country. The Delhi government estimates that 700 metric tonnes of oxygen is required. Yesterday, the central government increased the quota to 480 metric tonnes, thanks to which.

Oxygen deficiency: What is the relationship between welding shopkeeper and oxygen, helping corona patients in Shahin Bagh in this way
Kejriwal said that this is a big disaster, if we divide Haryana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, West Bengal, India will not survive, this time we have to help each other. If there is more oxygen in Delhi, we will give it to other states.

Today, the issue of oxygen will be heard again in the High Court
The matter will be heard again this afternoon after a hearing that lasted until late Wednesday. During the hearing on Wednesday, the Delhi High Court directed the Center to provide oxygen in any way at the Delhi hospital, which is treating critically ill patients of Kovid-1. The Delhi High Court has asked why the Center does not understand the gravity of the situation.

Delhi High Court strikes down – If hospitals don’t get oxygen, how can disaster, plane or even bring it?
The hospital is running out of oxygen but we are shocked and disappointed that the steel plants are running. A bench of justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli said the responsibility of ensuring oxygen supply rested solely with the central government. If necessary, all oxygen from all industries, including steel and petroleum, can be supplied for medical use.

“While Tata can supply oxygen to its steel plant for medical use, why can’t others,” the court said. This is the limit of greed. Is humanity alive at all?

Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way
In south-west Delhi, district authorities on Wednesday raided an oxygen refill center and seized 70 cylinders. City officials said hospitals in the city were being raided to prevent illegal refilling due to severe shortages of oxygen.

He said 70 cylinders, oxygen coils and other items were found at the refill center at Nangli Sakharwati in Dwarka.

People are wandering for oxygen