Did MS Dhoni tell Sam Curran to put Andre Russell around his legs? Captain CSK offers a remarkable answer

Andre Russell was in full swing when Sam Curran caught everyone off guard by playing Kolkata Knight Riders with his feet ready for a goal in the CSK vs KKR IPL 2021 match at Wankhede Stadium. Mumbai.

When Russell was thrown into the second 12th ball on Wednesday in pursuit of KKR, which turned out to be a match-changing event, a question came to the minds of cricket fans, did CSK captain MS Dhoni plan it? Was he the one who told Curran to put it on Russell’s bolts to bluff him? Given Dhoni’s vast experience and outstanding reading skills, the possibility could not have been ruled out.

No wonder Dhoni was asked about the same thing in Alan Wilkins’ post-match presentation after CSK defeated KKR with 18 races. And the CSK captain gave a remarkable answer.

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Dhoni said it’s easy to say now that it was planned, but in fact it wasn’t.

“No … You know that’s the beauty, once you’ve succeeded, you can say yes, it was planned because I threw so many out, so one on my toes, but no, it wasn’t really planned,” Dhoni said when asked about Curran’s delivery to Russell.

Coming to beat number 7 when KKR swayed at 31 for 5, Russell played a half of 54 of 22 balls that included six sixes.

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Reacting to Russell’s half, Dhoni joked that maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to take the counters early, because the big hitters have more deliveries to make.

“You don’t want to take too many early counters. Big hitters coming, 200 runs, there is only one way they will play. And that’s exactly what Andre Russell did. You can’t do much. The only option was Jadeja, “said Dhoni.

KKR came back amazing through Russell, Dinesh Karthik (40 of 24) and Pat Cummins (66 of 34) after losing five counters in the power play while chasing 221 for victory. They were thrown for 202.

“Starting with the 16th, the competition took place between the fast bowler and the batter. You can’t do too much. I can’t put another field. It’s about you vs. me. The part that won is a part that performed a little better. But if it had more gates, it could have been different. I’ve seen enough in the cricket, I always like to be humble. There are no good reasons if you scored, the opposition cannot score. My line to the players was that we have good runs on the board, but let’s be humble. The fight was very good “, added Dhoni.