Direct update of coronavirus (epidemic) cases across the country (or across continents) by country; USA Pakistan China Brazil Russia France Spain Recovery Rate Covid 19 Cases | WHO approves Pfizer vaccine for emergency use; More than 5 lakh patients were found worldwide in 24 hours

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  • Direct update of coronavirus (epidemic) cases across the country (or across continents) by country; USA Pakistan China Brazil Russia France Spain Recovery Rate Covid 19 Cases

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Washington5 hours ago

Pfizer is the world’s first WHO-approved vaccine for emergency use.

  • More than 3.3 crore infected, 1.22.22 lakh people have died in the world so far.
  • In the United States, the number of infections exceeds 20 million; So far, 3.5.22 lakh people have lost their lives here

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a big New Year for the world facing corona. On the first day of 2021, the WHO approved Pfizer-Biotech’s corona vaccine for emergency use. This is the first vaccine in the corona to be approved by the WHO. The vaccine can now be used in all countries of the world as soon as possible. The WHO issued a statement stating that this Pfizer vaccine could be used in an emergency. It has met all the standards in the test.

China approves indigenous vaccine

China on Thursday conditionally approved the emergency use of the country-made corona vaccine. It also announced that it would be free for every citizen. The vaccine is developed by Synoform, a state-owned pharma company.

The day before approval, Synoform noted that clinical trials of vaccine phase three showed .3 .3..399% efficacy and .599..52% anti-body positive conversion.

Chen Shifi, deputy head of the National Medical Products Administration, said Wednesday that the vaccine was developed by the Beijing Biological Products Institute. The company operates under China National Biotech Group (CNBG), a subsidiary of Synoform. It was approved by the National Medical Products Administration on Wednesday.

According to the Beijing Biological Products Institute, the test results showed that the vaccine was safe and that high-level antibodies were ready for those who were given two doses. Pakistan has also decided to pre-book synoform vaccines for its health workers.

“If proper vaccinations are given, the situation will return to normal by July,” said an American expert.

The number of corona patients in the world is more than 8.36 crore. More than 5 crore 91 lakh people have been cured. More than 18 lakh 22 thousand people have been killed so far. This is according to The number of new patients worldwide has increased by more than 5 million in the last 24 hours.

Dr. Anthony Fawcett, an American viral pathologist, said that if the country was vaccinated properly, the situation would be normal by the end of next year. Belgium, on the other hand, has set aside two days for those coming from abroad.

Vaccination is the most important

Dr. Foucault, an American medical expert and a member of the Trump administration’s Corona Task Force, interviewed California Governor Gavin Newsen. It says – if the US administration vaccinates its citizens at the right time and on time, the situation will no doubt be completely normal by the end of 2021. I think we did a lot of vaccinations until April. By April, its effects will begin to show. Suppose you believe that April to July will be important months for us.

In response to a question, Fawcett said: “If people are vaccinated, we can go to schools, theaters, sports clubs and restaurants by July.” That is why I again appeal to people to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

A woman is being vaccinated at a hospital in California on Thursday. American medical expert Dr. Fawcett said the situation in the country could be the same by July if vaccinated under the scheme.

New rules in Belgium
The Belgian government on Wednesday issued two types of guidelines. Out of these, more focus is being placed on people from outside the country. According to the guidelines, every passenger entering the country will now have to stay two days apart. In the meantime, his tests will be done. If the report is positive, it will be kept in a government hospital. Each such passenger will need to be tested on the first and seventh day. He must be excluded until his report is negative. The ban on people coming from Britain is currently in place.

Strictly on New Year in China

To prevent the spread of corona, China has advised billions of migrants not to travel during the New Year holidays. The National Health Commission did not directly deny this, but it is still a surprising decision.

The New Year is the largest traditional holiday celebrated in China in February. This is the only occasion of the year when workers have the opportunity to go home to visit family. The National Health Commission says the government is urging people not to go on leave. Workers who do this should be given extra working hours and leave on other occasions. China has controlled the corona virus. Officials are on high alert as it is likely to spread again. Tourists have been told not to come to the capital Beijing during the holidays.

The situation in Corona affected the top-10 countries


Contagious Death Healed
America 20,237,964 351,127 12,004,898
India 10,282,624 148,950 9,876,557
Brazil 7,619,970 193,940 6,707,781
Russia 3,159,297 57,019 2,554,340
France 2,600,498 64,381 193,045
United Kingdom 2,488,780 73,512 N / A
Turkey 2,208,652 20,881 2,100,650
Italy 2,107,166 74,159 1,463,111
Spain 1,921,115 50,689 N / A
Germany 1,735,819 33,917 1,328,200

(Statistics are as per