District officials say there is now a surplus of plasma News Pune

Pune: There has been a drastic decrease in the demand for convalescent plasma in the Pune district. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials said the district now has 205 reserve units – a first since the introduction of plasma therapy to treat patients with Covid-19.
Suresh Patil, FDA Joint Commissioner, Pune, said, “By September, the district had a convalescent plasma deficit. The units were selling fast and the blood banks were struggling to find donors. Banks continued to stock up, as many expected a second wave. “
Patil added that 3,683 people, who had recovered from Covid, continued to donate blood plasma to the district. Officials were able to harvest about 7,412 units from them. “We now have 205 units available. In September, shares were usually zero or double-digit, “he said.
Patil said blood plasma could be stored for a year at -18 ° C. Those infected in May or June could no longer donate plasma because the antibodies in their blood would be reduced, he said. “These 205 units were accumulated after September. But the number of new cases has dropped dramatically, including hospitalizations that will require plasma. Blood banks have now said there is no need for donors. The storage of these units will generate additional costs “, said Patil.
Doctors said they reduced their dependence on plasma therapy. “It was not a standard therapy for Covid-19. There is little scientific evidence on its effectiveness, “said Sanjay Lalwani, medical director of Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical Hospital and Research Center.