Dr. Kanav Kahol, CEO, DIVOC Labs, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Shahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld, spoke Dr. Kanav Kahol, CEO, DIVOC Labs, to learn more about the role of home diagnostic tests performed by home phlebotomists and the impact of telehealth on clinical laboratories.

Why telemedicine labs are important in combating any type of “epidemic and pandemic”
Healthtech companies are rapidly expanding their national network of care services by launching virtual care telehealth platforms, cultivating an inclusive health environment. With a growing trend towards adopting virtual doctor visits, especially during the pandemic, there is a growing need for clinical laboratories and anatomical pathology groups to prepare for the fulfillment of practically prescribed laboratory testing orders and to brings services closer to patients through retail settings and urgent clinical care. Clinical laboratories must ensure that they match the pace of rapid transformation in medical science. Services such as automatic diagnostic validation and seamless inventory control need to be popularized to provide high standards. This will also help laboratory staff focus on the complexity of testing options and ultimately speed up the diagnosis and treatment process.

What are the company’s unique delivery solutions involving AI, IoT and medical technologies?
Attending the unprecedented challenges posed by Covid-19 for global health, we formed DIVOC Health to enable innovation for a healthier world. We use innovative products and approaches to meet the needs of the Indian medical market. We understand that the availability of accurate and high quality tests is essential to our fight against the pandemic and therefore we have identified the GeneDrive RT PCR Covid-19 tests as particularly suitable for the Indian market due to its low processing, thermostability and high manufacturing stages. quality.

Through Divoc Labs, we think about empowering global health through impact innovations and continually strive to create the most advanced network of digital diagnostic laboratories to enable the connected world. We specialize in our facilities which include cytopathology, molecular biology, hematology, serology, clinical microscopy, clinical microbiology and clinical chemistry. Our instant home test kit is a major part of telemedicine and we also allow instant delivery of medications. We have a strong background in research and development, in which we generally focus on validation, knowledge management, evaluation of new technologies, development of new tests, contract research, research and development services in the field of genomics and proteomics.

How many patients do you reach every day through the DIVOC laboratories? What is the projected number of patients you will be able to serve?
We currently provide 500 patients a day and look forward to expanding to 5,000 patients a day over the next 1 year.

How does the health sector attract investors? How will he continue to do the same?
The healthcare sector, which is the fastest growing sector in India, is attracting the interest of investors from all over the world. This increase can contribute to raising health awareness, population aging, income levels, the government’s focus on providing universal health care and increasing the penetration of health insurance. In addition, the availability of advanced technologies at low cost, a skilled workforce and government-friendly policies attract these investments. India is gradually becoming a favorable investment destination and initiatives such as promoting ease of doing business, strengthening research and development (R&D) and promoting the culture of establishment are guiding the interest of investors.

What is the future of health technology? What will be your approach to this?
India’s healthcare technology industry is witnessing a period of extraordinary growth and unprecedented progress. Start-ups address several broad categories, such as home health care, pharmacy, biotechnology and programming, etc. Driven by better health awareness, increased incomes and better health insurance, the ecosystem is constantly evolving. As a result, technology and business will drive each other into the future. In addition, with the rapid transition from a treatment-specific approach to a therapeutic and holistic approach, medicine is becoming increasingly personalized, signaling the innovative application of machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented analysis and blockchain. The future certainly looks bright.

How about the capital raised by you so far? Who are the investors and can you divide the number?
We have raised capital from our operations and from investors, angels, friends and family. We look at structured growth over the next few months.

What are your plans, investments, future funding and where do you intend to open 20 laboratories in India?
The idea is to create a decentralized version of the labs where our phlebotomists are the agents who bring you the lab. We are soon looking at a round of A series funding and would be interested in opening 20 laboratories in North and East India.

How does DIVOC Lab offer the home testing facility?
In essence, we refine our protocols to allow a combination of state-of-the-art molecular testing in our state-of-the-art laboratories and perform some of the important tests at the customer’s premises using validated FDA Point of Care approved technologies. We work with our home care agents, who can provide end-to-end diagnostic services for our clients. It is an interesting time when the laboratory comes to you and we look forward to the widespread adoption of this service.