Elite Honesty: Wasim Jaffer Turns India-Australia Twist on Jofra Archer’s Cryptic Post

Australian tour in India: Wasim Jaffer polled Ricky Ponting on his comments that beat the Australian handkerchiefs for lack of intention during their 8-chick defeat to India in the Melbourne Boxing Day Test.

Wasim Jaffer changes India-Australia tweet to Jofra Archer (AP Photo)


  • Wasim Jaffer comes with a wise post, taking a light heart to Ricky Ponting
  • Jaffer’s post came in response to a cryptic tweet from England pacer Jofra Archer
  • India beat Australia by 8 counters in the MCG test to balance the 4-match series at 1-1

Wasim Jaffer toured Australia and their cricket experts as he responded to a cryptic tweet from fast bowler Jofra Archer in England. Jaffer, with his comment, highlighted the return of Ricky Ponting after India fought back from defeat to get a memorable victory in the Boxing Day test.

Wasim Jaffer, who is quite a social media star with his ingenious memes and posts, was back at it. “Yes. That’s also some elite honesty right there,” Jaffer posted on Twitter, responding to Archer’s cryptic post, which read, “Something that takes care of their tables, they always come back.”

Jaffer’s post came after former Australian captain Ricky Ponting was struck by the approach of the Australian batsmen in the defeat at Melbourne, saying that Shubman Gill and Ajinkya Rahane, during their mini-partnership in the last rounds when they were looking at 70, played more shots than the entire Australian clay unit.

Ponting was disappointed by the lack of intent of the Australian fighting unit, which was included in the 195 and 200 in the Melbourne test. India came with a collective bowling effort, despite the disappearance of Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav, who was ruled out after suffering an injury during the second half of the MCG test.

“Can I count on one hand in two test matches how many shots were played, how many units on foot did you see? Can’t you tell me there were no short balls or full balls. That was enough,” Ponting told Uplayable Podcast after India’s victory.

“Shubman Gill and Ajinkya Rahane played more good shots than I think Australia played in the two tests.”

Ponting’s comments came days after he predicted that India, after Virat Kohli’s leave on paternity leave, would lose the test series by 4-0. India received an 8-point shot in Adelaide after being grouped for the lowest score of 36 tests of all time. However, under Rahane, India came back and handed an 8-goal goal to Australia in Melbourne to make it 1-1.