Eve electric scooters in India

New Delhi.
Demand for electric vehicles is growing in India and many companies are preparing to launch scooters and bikes in the electric two-wheeler segment. Accordingly, EEV India launched the Dhansu electric scooter EV Atrio and EV Ahawa on Tuesday, December 15, which is quite impressive in terms of looks and features. Eve India has launched the EEVe Atreo at Rs 64,900, while Eeve Ahava has launched the company at Rs 55,900 (ex-showroom price).

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Mileage and top speed
EV India claims that electric scooters can run 90 to 100 km on EV Atrio for a single charge, that is, a full charge. At the same time, Eve Ahawa can run 60 to 70 km on a single charge. Both these Dhansu scooters have been launched in 2 color options. The battery of EeVe Atreo and Eeve Ahava will take 7-8 hours to be fully charged and the maximum speed of this scooter will be 25 km per hour.

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Affordable price, but good mileage

Equipped with smart features
Both the EeVe scooters EeVe Atreo and Eeve Ahava have a lot of cool features. It has smart features like geo tagging and fencing, with the help of which you can find the actual location of the scooter. You can also take care of the safety of the scooter. There is a special app for these scooters, with the help of which you can get a lot of information related to them. The special thing about these scooters is that the company is giving them a one year battery warranty and a 5 year warranty. Also, you can take home with Evri Trio and Eve Ahava Easy EMI option.

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Eve Electric Scooters Atreo and Ahwa Price Features 1

These electric scooters are good in style and features

The running cost is 15 paise per kilometer
The Ave Ahawa is powered by a 250 W motor, which claims to run 60 to 70 km at a single charge. The company says that running costs only 15 paise per kilometer, which is a very reasonable price. Also, both these scooters are very stylish and their price is not comparatively high.

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EVE India has 60 dealerships in 10 states across the country. The company intends to increase the number of dealerships to 200 by next year and is trying to meet all the states. Insurance is also being offered throughout the year with this scooter, which is the right deal for customers.

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