Even after taking the Takin vaccine dose, people still know why they are infected with covid and what kind of patients are referred to the country on comed.

In the second wave of corona epidemics in the country, only 1 per cent of the people need medicines like remedacivir, while the rest are cured by simple medicines like corona fever and cold. This information was given by Randeep Guleria, Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Seeing the seriousness of the second wave of Corona epidemic, three reputed doctors in the country tried to dispel the confusion of the people about Corona epidemic.

“We now have statistics that 85 percent of people have recovered without taking any special medication,” Guleria said. In 7-7 days it was found that recovery was achieved by drinking only paracetamol, some exercise and plenty of water. According to him, only 15 percent of people have other problems and need to be given medications like Remedisvir. He said that even after vaccination, coronavirus can be prevented. It does not prevent infection. If she comes in contact with an infected corona even after the vaccine is given, the virus can enter, but there is no serious risk. In this case, the mask must be applied even after vaccination.

Remedivir is not a panacea: Trehan
At the same time, Medanta President and Managing Director Dr. King Trehan advised the people that very few people need to go to the hospital. In such cases, these doctors should be allowed to decide when to enter. There are many features that can be used to deal with corona at home. He said that Remedesveer is not a panacea. Only let the doctor decide when needed. It only reduces infection. About the lack of oxygen, he said that if we use oxygen in this way, it is enough. In such cases it should be used only when needed and given only to those in need.

Investigate now: Shetty
Dr. President of Narayan Health. Devi Shetty said if there are any symptoms related to corona, they should be checked immediately. It doesn’t matter if the oxygen level in one’s body is more than 94 percent. But if you are short of oxygen, you need a doctor. Keep measuring oxygen levels every six hours. Even if the test is not carried out, the isolation should be done immediately. Drink plenty of water and always wear a mask. With timely tests and proper treatment from a good doctor, lives can be saved. He said there is no need to panic. With the right medication in the beginning, it can be dealt with quite easily.