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Regular content updates to Minecraft are constantly improving the mechanics of the game, and the latest 1.18 update makes some changes to the behavior, appearance, and even reproduction of some groups.

An update to Minecraft 1.18 adjusts the breeding mechanics of many groups, both hostile and non-hostile. The changes aren’t huge, but they do change the location where players can expect to find more bullies in Minecraft.

With this in mind, all current changes to Mafia breeding in Scenario 1.18 should be explored, even if they are re-modified after further content updates.

Minecraft: A complete list of mafia breeding changes

Axolotls' spawning locations have narrowed compared to their capabilities in version 1.17 (Image via Mojang)ALSO READThe article continues below

As mentioned above, most of Minecraft’s modifications breed bullies in snowy areas. However, the breeding behavior of axolots and goats is now more limited. This may make it easier for them to find players who know where to find them, but they won’t be as extensive as they were in Minecraft 1.17.

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