Expressing grief over the death in Corona, Pooja Bhatt said that – the government has failed – Pooja Bhatt said that we failed because the culprits were guilty about the Kovid death mechanism.

Outbreaks of corona virus persist in India. Millions of people are infected with the corona every day. The number of corona cases in the country is skyrocketing. Lack of oxygen, ventilator, everything in the hospital bed. In such a situation, many people are losing their lives every day. Now actress Pooja Bhatt has made her feelings on this.

Pooja Bhatt tweeted

In her new tweet, Pooja Bhatt said that the government has disappointed the people of the country. He wrote, “Does anyone else survive in Gilt?” Because of course I do. Every death I hear shocks me. This system has failed miserably. The hands of the political class are stained with blood, because they did not prepare in advance, because they have sent the wrong message that ‘everything is fine’, because they have left our situation. ‘

Commenting on this tweet of Pooja Bhatt, many people have said that they are helpless. The fight against the corona virus is becoming increasingly difficult. In such a situation, everyone is being asked to come together. People are trying to help their loved ones. Lockdown has been implemented in Mumbai and Delhi to control the situation.

Priyanka Chopra also expressed concern

Recently, Priyanka Chopra also expressed concern over the situation in India. He appealed to the people to stay at home. Apart from this, Priyanka is constantly sharing posts on her Instagram story about the workings of hospital beds, oxygen and other things to help the people of the country. Speaking of Pooja Bhatt, she was last seen in the Netflix series Bombay Begum. Loved the series, as well as some of the scenes that sparked the controversy.