Farid Sabri of Qawwali Singers Brothers Sabri Brothers dies at 58: Report

Brothers Farid Sabri and Ameen Sabri.

Qawwali singer Farid Sabri, of the Sabri Brothers duo from Rajasthan, died on Wednesday.

Qawwali singer Farid Sabri, from the Sabri Brothers duo, passed away on Wednesday. He was 58 years old. The singer was reportedly hospitalized in Jaipur due to a severe case of pneumonia. His condition worsened while he was undergoing treatment. Farid died around 8 a.m. at the hospital on Wednesday.

Son of Saeed Sabri (86) and brother of Ameen Sabri (57), the trio delivered some of the best qawwalis in Hindi movies. They are known for the evergreen numbers “Der Na Ho Jaye Kahin Der Na Ho Jaye” and “Ek Mulakat Zaruri Hai Sanam”, which were sung and recreated by many others.

Amin Sabri told ABP News: “Farid Sabri has been ill for the last 4-5 days and was also suffering from pneumonia. His health deteriorated last night. ” She died. He due to a lung infection and pneumonia. He also said that his brother did not give positive results for Covid-19.

Farid and Amin Sabri, who come from Ramganj in Jaipur, have gained importance as Sabri Brothers. The brothers and their father Saeed Sabri performed thewali at several events in India and abroad.

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