Father kills 6-month-old innocent Chimurdi on the ground after wrong pizza arrives – Murder Infant Father Killed Child Pizza Order Cold Drink Wife Evender Wilson

Story highlights

  • The father killed the innocent child
  • Anger came when the wrong pizza arrived
  • Police arrested the accused and sent him to jail

A shocking incident has taken place in Australia. Where a man murdered his innocent child for petty reasons. It is said that the accused got so angry that he was given the wrong pizza. Besides, a bottle of cold drink did not come with it. The man first beat his son to death, then threw the innocent to the ground and killed him. Police were informed after the incident and the accused was arrested and sent to jail.

Inhumanly beaten

According to the Daily Star, the incident took place in Victoria, Australia. The boy’s mother, Chelsea Smith, said her husband, Evendra Wilson, had beaten her to death and killed her innocent child. The victim said her husband had ordered pizza. As soon as the pizza reached home, he got angry. Because the pizza he ordered wasn’t there. Besides, cold drinks were not available with the pizza. Then he started hitting me in front of the children.

The accused father kept throwing the 6-month-old innocent in the air

The victim said her husband grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground, then punched her in the ribs and abdomen. Even then, he did not calm down and picked up the six-month-old baby and began to fly in the air. He kept doing this for a long time. Meanwhile, the boy’s head hit the ground and he died on the spot. This traumatic event has shaken everyone.

The girl died when her head hit the ground

The accused father rushed to the hospital with his innocent son, but by then he was dead. After an investigation, doctors said the boy died of a head injury. The boy’s mother is said to have remained silent for a few days after the incident. After this, he mustered up the courage to tell the police. A court has convicted Evander Wilson of killing his son and sent him to prison.

The mother told the police all sorts

Chelsea Smith, the mother, said father Evendra Wilson stopped by to see the boy’s condition and rushed him to the hospital, but he died within 45 minutes. Doctors said the boy was hit in the head and died as a result. The boy’s mother, Chelsea Smith, remained silent for two weeks after the crash, then regained her composure and told police the whole story. The court sent Evender Wilson to prison after convicting him of murdering his son.

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