Forced mother sells child for Rs 7,000 – BBC Special

  • Joel Gunter
  • The BBC came to Africa

Last month, BBC Africa uncovered an illegal market for the sale and purchase of children in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. Police arrested seven people on smuggling charges after the news broke. But apart from smugglers, there are mothers of children on the other side in such illegal buying and selling, what is their status, what are the reasons why a mother is willing to sell her child at just 70?

Adama says life was easier when he had parents. Although the money was low there was not much choice, but things were organized to some extent. She went to school, had no problem eating. Worry was low. When Adama was 12 years old, his father died and his mother died a few years later.

“Life has been very difficult since then,” says Adama, in rural Kenya. I have to leave school and make a living. ”

At age 22, Adama met a man and became pregnant. Adama gave birth to a daughter, but the boy’s father died just three days later.