Fortnite’s new limited time mode is practically Among Us

Fortnite it has been infiltrated by spies and it is up to you and your crewmates to discover their hidden identities before you can pick the players one by one. If it sounds familiar, it’s probably because it’s exactly the same premise as Among us, a game that was successful in 2020. But now it’s the foundation Fortnitethe new limited time mode called Spy Inside.

Spy Within starts with 10 players, who are divided into eight agents and two spies. Each player knows his own role only when the match starts. Throughout the match, the agents will work to complete tasks that earn them gold coins. If the agents earn enough gold coins or identify all the spies, they win. The spies, on the other hand, will work to secretly eliminate each agent without revealing their identity. Whenever agents see something suspicious, they can call a meeting. During the meetings, everyone in the game can talk aloud to determine which player to vote for.

Spy Within definitely has some interesting moments. Hidden identity games have always been popular in both real life and games. (Remember Kane and Lynch 2multiplayer?) But it’s hard to ignore that in recent months Among us has become one of the largest and most important games in the world and FortniteThe new mode has more in common with it.

The limited-time playlist will change every few days to feature a new version of the Spy Within game created by a few community members – DolphinDom, KKSlider, Bunni_, Wert, Blanky, jstKamui, MackJack, Ritual and Snownymous – which Epic highlights it in his own post about how. The mode won’t last forever, but while it’s here, players can earn special cosmetic rewards, including a festive weapon foil, a glider and a spy-themed skateboard.