Gold-silver prices today: Gold-silver prices fall again, check today’s rates

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  • Gold and silver became cheaper again
  • Gold is being sold at Rs 47,618

Today’s Gold-Silver Price, December 2, 2021: Gold and silver prices were announced in the Indian bullion market on Thursday. Today, once again, gold and silver have become cheaper. Compared to yesterday, 10 grams of gold has become cheaper by Rs 189, while the price of one kg of silver has decreased by Rs 1342. Ten grams of 999 gold is being sold at Rs. 47618. At the same time, a kg of silver is available at Rs 60,727.

According to, 995 purity ten gram gold is available at Rs 47427. At the same time, gold of 916 purity has gone up to Rs 43618, while gold of 750 purity has come to Rs 35714. 585 purity gold is available at Rs 27,857.

Accuracy Thursday morning price Thursday evening price
Gold (per 10 grams) 999 47618
Gold (per 10 grams) 995 47427
Gold (per 10 grams) 916 43618
Gold (per 10 grams) 750 35714
Gold (per 10 grams) 585 27857
Silver (per 1 kg) 999 60727

How much cheaper is gold and silver? (Today’s price of gold and silver)
Gold and silver prices change daily. Gold and silver prices have declined today as compared to December 1. Gold of 999 purity has become cheaper by Rs 189. Gold of 995 purity also declined by Rs 189. Besides, 916 gold fell by Rs 173 and 750 gold by Rs 141. Apart from this, gold of 585 purity is getting cheaper by Rs 110 to Rs 27857. Silver also declined by Rs 1,342 to Rs 60,727 per kg.

Gold and silver prices today

Learn this important information about gold
We tell you that jewelry is very easy to identify, but it is also a little difficult. In fact, there are five types of hallmarks. If there is 22 carat jewelry, it has 916 written on it, 875 on 21 carat jewelry and 750 on 18 carat jewelry. In addition, if the jewelry is 14 carats, it will have 585 written on it. That way you can easily identify gold.

Prices are not released on holidays
We tell you that rates are not issued on Saturdays and Sundays, except for holidays announced by the Central Government on behalf of Ibza. You can call Missed on 8955664433 to know the retail price of 22 carat and 18 carat gold jewelry. Rates will be received via SMS shortly. In addition, you can visit or for information on frequent updates.