Google will host a virtual New Year’s Eve party on YouTube today at 23:00 IST – Technology News, Firstpost

Google invites users in India to announce 2021 with a virtual New Year’s Eve party on YouTube. The party, called “Hello 2021 India”, will premiere at 23:00 IST on December 31 on YouTube. The virtual show will feature performances by actor Tiger Shroff, as well as rapper Badshah and singer Jonita Gandhi. The virtual party will be hosted by comedian Zakir Khan.

The event will start today at 23:00 IST

Conformable YouTube, the program contains visual elements that can affect viewers with sensitivity to photos. He also mentioned that all applicable COVID-19 protocols were implemented during the recording of the show.

YouTube has also released a party icon to celebrate the New Year in search. The multicolored party popper that appears when you type “New Year’s Eve” on the Google search bar launches confetti that fills the entire screen for a few seconds, while emitting a popping sound similar to a real party popper.

The entire virtual New Year’s party will take place on YouTube. Those interested in the virtual party can access the channel by opening the Google search page and tapping a link below the search bar that says “Hello 2021: Join the YouTube New Year’s Eve party tomorrow.”

The program will also feature performances by singers Aastha Gill, Beny Daya and Akasa, the band Thaikkudam Bridge and actress Alaya F.

Those interested in watching the virtual event can click on the Set Reminder pop-up window that appears when accessing the YouTube link.