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The whole year is ready to welcome the new year with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm. However, this time the New Year is being celebrated differently due to the corona virus. Most people will welcome the new year by staying home with their safety in mind. Regardless of the method of celebration, it is very important to wish good luck to friends and family. You can greet your friends with these messages-

The old year is going away the most
What to do, this is the way of nature
Don’t be sad at the thought of past memories
Happy New Year

Failing to stay away from you, success and happiness will be perfect
All your hopes have been fulfilled
Many happy new year to you

Happy new year

Friends before friendship, love before love
You have to do it before you can experience happiness
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2021

Whatever your dreams
And the desires that are hidden in our minds,
Let this new year bring them to reality

Happy new year

Every day brings a festival of joy
Heartfelt love for all
Happy new year i love you

You weigh in all your sorrows
I must reveal all my secrets
No one wants you before
Happy New Year today

New Year 2021

If you are new, then show your morning
The evening is new, otherwise these eyes have seen a lot of the new year
Happy new year