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There was a huge explosion in Patna hotels to welcome the new year. The Corona era adorned the grand sense of song and music with the situation. Jahan welcomed the New Year along with Bhojpuri actress Poonam Dubey, Anara Gupta and Indian Idol finalist singer Ritika Raj. Delicious cuisine was also enjoyed in the restaurant. In the capital’s big capital hotels and restaurants, people left the year 2020 and welcomed 2021 at the New Year’s reception party.

Funny temperament
There was a lot of fun and entertainment at the Hotel Gargi Grand. Entertainment was organized in different ways on the four floors of the hotel. Poonam Dubey, Bhojpuri actress and Bhojpuri actress, model Bhojpuri actress, Anara Gupta and Miss Jammu, Bhojpuri actress Shubhi Sharma and Bhojpuri actress Shubhi Sharma had roles in Hindi and Bhojpuri songs. But dancing won hearts. When Poonam Dubey started dancing to the song ‘Oye-Oye’, everyone in the hotel started trembling. Similarly, the songs of Anara Gupta and Shubhi Sharma filled the audience with excitement and enthusiasm. At the same time, Kolkata’s Neha and Pallavi did well in Mujra. Patna welcomed the new year with the sound of a DJ on the second floor.

Won hearts by singing and ghazals
Hotel Panash was adorned with songs and ghazals. Upstairs in the hotel, people were dancing to the song of Indian Idol fame Patna’s Hrithika Raj. He compelled the whole hall to accompany him on songs like ‘Tere Laye Aaye Tere Jaane’ and ‘Tujhya Jaavali Attar Cha Shwas Tu Gogalgay’. On the first floor of the hotel, the magic of Anil Akela’s ghazals was rising and he was talking to the chief of Putnite. He sang ghazals like ‘Kayon ko khoon kya khabar’, ‘Tumse dekho to khyal aaya hai’ and ‘Kuch singh fakht hai unhen batane’ The hotel had a round of delicious recipes with songs and music.

Blue Angel Band at Hotel Maurya
People were entertained by Sanjay Chaitali Group, Blue Angel Band at Spice Court and Bodhi Hall of Hotel Maurya. The Indrani group of artists, who reached Patna from Kolkata, performed well. Shatabdi Hema Gupta sang the song ‘Yeh Saamna, Saamna Hai Yeh Pyaar Ka’ in a very melodious style. While enjoying the candle light dinner, the audience performed well on songs like ‘Aisa Jaadu Dala Re ..’ performed by the dance group.

The craze for selfies continues
The 2021 selfie zone was created to welcome the new year in hotels and restaurants. People took huge selfies in the built zone from Hotel Maurya to Hotel Panash. Sonica, who hails from Gola Road, was seen taking selfies with her family at Hotel Maurya.

Fine bands from Alcazar:
People welcomed the New Year at the Alkajars Inn on the Kankarbagh Old Bypass to the tune of Kolkata’s Lalit Band. At 12 o’clock at night, people celebrated by cutting a cake. The hotel operator said that despite the hotel’s capacity to see the Corona, only two and a half hundred people have been invited to the 100 seats. Attendees at Hotel Amalfi Grand in Rajabazar shouted at the DJ. People at Hotel AVR and Hotel Republic in Bakarganj welcomed the new year by dancing and singing.

Delicious food in restaurants
Almost all the major restaurants in the city remained open until late at night to welcome the New Year. At the New Year’s reception, the restaurants served delicious food to the people. Ajay Jha, director of Hotel Pal, said people enjoyed both veg and non-veg dishes in the new year.

Happy new year
As the evening progressed, people began attending New Year’s Eve events. After eight in the evening, the event kicked off at several hotels in the city. The Putnights, engrossed in the evening festivities, went on a rampage till midnight. From the hotel to the streets and in the colonies, it was resounding with the proclamation of Happy New Year at midnight. People were seen greeting each other with joy. Firecrackers were set off in several places. Cakes were cut to welcome the new year in hotels and restaurants. The parties continued till half past twelve at night.

People are stuck on TV
A colorful program was aired on many TV channels to welcome the new year. People stuck to the TV until late at night at the New Year’s reception. Enjoyed the programs aired on different channels. In many homes, people were seen shedding tears to prevent the winter from melting. The reverse of the New Year’s reception began at 12 o’clock at night. The Putnights welcomed the new year at twelve o’clock.