He knows what BJP MP Gautam Gambhir was told by those holding the fabiflu drug

Cricketer-politician Gautam Gambhir is facing charges of hoarding a drug called Fabiflu, which was used to treat the epidemic during the destruction of corona across the country. However, Gambhir claims that they are providing free use of Fabiflu to the needy.

BJP leader Gautam Gambhir dismissed the allegations of drug hoardings and said, “Go to Jagruti Enclave and see how we distribute Fabiflu drugs for free.” People bring their Aadhaar cards and medicine slips and we provide them with as many pills as they need. We will run this work for as many days as possible. Our effort is to save the lives of the poor, they will get fabiflu.

He said that taking a few hundred strips out of his pocket to help the poor is called hoarding? They are saying that who gave permission to sell Remedisveer for Rs. 0-0 thousand rupees and Bedla for Rs. 10-10 lakhs? If you save the lives of the poor out of your own pocket, they want to politicize it.

Gambhir said that will the Chief Minister also help the people of Delhi? Does the center have all the responsibility? Describe a Chief Minister of the country who has spent Rs 600 crore on his advertisement. If there is any other Chief Minister besides Kejriwal, I will resign.

BJP MP Gautam Gambhir’s Jagruti Enclave office on Thursday with a prescription written by a doctor, many people have arrived for medicine. One person said that the doctor had asked us to bring Fabiflu tablets. This drug is not available anywhere. These pills are being given away for free here.

Let me tell you, Gautam Gambhir, a BJP MP from the East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency, tweeted yesterday that people living in his constituency were being given free medicines. For this, he had given the address of his office in Jagruti Enclave and time to take medicines. People coming for medicine will have to bring their Aadhar card and written form of doctor.