“He says what you’re doing, I’m an inmate”

Nafisa Ali Sodhi pours beans on the Lucky Ali viral video

Key landmarks

  • Nafisa Ali Sodhi, in an exclusive interview, opens about the “viral” video Lucky Ali
  • For Sodhi, capturing Ali’s photos and performances is all about celebrating the talent and genius of her dear friend.
  • Sodhi also talks about how Ali reacts when he “sticks his phone” in the face

When veteran actress Nafisa Ali Sodhi shared a video with Lucky Ali singing at an impromptu concert in Goa, she knew little that she would garner up to 3,214,077 views (and it still matters) on Instagram. The video, which literally “breaks the internet”, has Ali singing his popular song O Sanam surrounded by young musicians. However, for Sodhi, the viral is a word that doesn’t matter, and in the end, it’s about celebrating the talent and genius of her dear friend, Ali.

Talking to Times Now Digital In an exclusive interview, Sodhi spilled the beans on the video’s BTS story. “So my friend Bablu told me about this wonderful place and said that all the young musicians come there and since Lucky is here, he asked if you want to come and listen to them. Lucky said: Yes, of course I encourage musicians, so I want to be there… So I went there and they sang and it was a beautiful evening … When it was all over, they said: Sir, please sing us a song and now Lucky said: Nafisa, you put me in a place. I said what you thought, you’re their guru, you’re the legend. If they want you to sing a single song, I feel like showing them how to sing. Then I quickly put on my camera and recorded it, “she said with a laugh.

Asked if Ali knows about the crazy reaction to the video, Sodhi said he is aware of it. “Yes, yes, say what Nafisa is doing! I said I took a snippet of you and posted it, so I don’t know what happened after that. I don’t understand what ‘goes viral’ and everything I just wanted to celebrate the genius of my dear old friend, “she explained, adding that it is not easy for someone to pick up someone else’s guitar and play for a live audience in such a magical way.

The video, which is currently all over the internet, is not Lucky Ali’s first post on Sodhi’s lively Instagram account. Asked about the many photos and videos she shares with the singer, Sodhi said she just wants to celebrate her friend’s music and share her passion with the world.

“You know, young people tend to forget especially, so why forget someone who is a genius and only remember him when he was young and handsome and was such a cool guy? Now, he is a kind of musician with a soul, experience and sensitivity and you can see it in his music. So, I find it very exciting and I feel like I’m a diva and I promote my old friend because I want people to see him today and not only to remember what he did before, but also now, “he said. she.

Instagram / Nafisa Ali Sodhi

The veteran actress also revealed how Ali reacts to her by clicking on her photos and recording videos. “I’m a great photographer and I keep sticking my phone in front of me and clicking on his photos. And say: Oh, my God, what are you doing, I’m an inmate! I tell him that he is not a recluse, now he is an expert in Goa, so we have to share our passion and we have to show everyone the luck that has evolved. “

Talking about her equation with Ali, Sodhi said they have known each other for years. “He’s just a very adorable, sensitive intellectual who has a great philosophy … I also really like his children. In fact, I put the first record of Tasmania, his eldest daughter, and posted it on Instagram. “

Ali, who is staying at Nafisa’s other rented apartment in Goa, is busy recording, composing music and writing songs. The world may be a weak place right now, but thanks to Nafisa’s usual posts about sunsets, songs and life in general, there is a drop of sunshine on social media.